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Heritage at Exeter

Heritage at the University of Exeter

Heritage encompasses both tangible features – such as cultural landscapes, historic structures and archival resources – and intangible practices, including language, custom and memory. It can play a vital role in anchoring identity, fostering creativity and inspiring innovation, and it contributes to economic vitality, environmental health, quality of life and social cohesion. Heritage research can help us understand how the past shapes the present, and it can also offer insights to inform approaches to contemporary issues and problems. 

Heritage research

At the University of Exeter, our heritage-focused research is broad-based and multidisciplinary, and addresses aspects of tangible, intangible, digital and critical heritage. Key to our approach is a commitment to understanding the ways in which heritage practice is transforming in the context of social, cultural, economic, political and environmental change. We focus on collaborating with regional, national and international partners to apply this knowledge in management and policy contexts.

Facilities and collaboration

We collaborate with organisations at all levels – regional, national and international. Our Heritage Network is well placed to broker relationships between the sector and the University, and is a valuable tool for facilitating partnership collaborations. We have much to offer heritage sector organisations in terms of expertise, facilities and collaborative potential.

Study Heritage

Studying heritage at the University of Exeter provides the opportunity to integrate study and employment experience in the UK and abroad. Studying heritage across such a rich mixture of disciplines cultivates a breadth of transferrable skills that can be applied in subsequent employment in the heritage sector.



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