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Heritage PhDs

Heritage PhDs

With such a broad range of research areas relevant to the heritage sector on offer at the University of Exeter, the potential for study at PhD level is vast. Our interdisciplinary delivery ensures that your heritage PhD at Exeter will be an excellent and rewarding experience. Both taught and research students, part- or full-time, will be immersed within our lively study environment and have access to our exceptional postgraduate facilities.

Your heritage PhD at Exeter

As a PhD student at Exeter, you will receive:

  • A teamed approach to supervision, combining cross-disciplinary expertise with access to a personal research mentor.
  • A dedicated and single point of contact for all programme and practical needs.
  • A framework of research and career development opportunities across the University and through our network of heritage partners.
  • A well-established research culture.
  • Funding opportunities for individual research needs.

See more information on how to apply for a PhD.

Funding options

There are a number of ways to pay for your postgraduate studies, both internal and external.

We also list our latest funding opportunities in our News and events section.