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Progress Reports

Since the programme's inception in October 2017 much progress has been made. 

Feel free to peruse our progress reports. 

Annual Report 2017/18

Annual Report 2018/19

Annual Report 2019/20

Advisory Board Report 2019/20

Mid-Term Review

Advisory Board Update_2020/21

Introducing TEAM-A

About TEAM-A

The team is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the University of Exeter and QinetiQ

Our interests

Materials that have the ability to fully control and manipulate the flow of electromagnetic (e.g radiated heat, light, radiowaves) and acoustic (e.g sound, vibration, shock) energy have the potential to transform, and enable, a large and diverse range of technologies. Exeter and QinetiQ have long been at the forefront of the science and engineering of such materials. Throughout this 5 year Prosperity Partnership we will be exploring areas such as Microwave and Radiofrequency, Terahertz and Infrared, Acoustics, Modelling and Manufacturing.

Our PhD students and Research Fellows

Our PhD students will train in association with the University of Exeter’s Centre for Doctoral Training in Metamaterials.

Our Research Fellows will have access to our extensive training material, both through the University of Exeter, QinetiQ and external providers.

Our Facilities

Being a multidisciplinary research programme we have access to a myriad of facilities both on Streatham campus at the University of Exeter and off campus at the QinetiQ group in Farnborough. 

To explore but a few of our facilities at the University of Exeter: