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Exeter Technologies Group - Materials and Manufacturing

Exeter Technologies Group (ETG) combines its knowledge of materials science and manufacturing processes to investigate and better understand these interactions. With a focus on polymers and composites, we work across three centres (X-AT, CALM and CALMARE) to develop improved materials and processes for industrial applications.

Recruitment - We often have several roles, so get in contact ( if you are interested in joining our group. 

X-AT works with industry partners to develop new polymer and composite solutions, investigating the interaction between materials and manufacturing processes.

CALM is a leading independent research centre focused on the development of advanced High Performance Polymers and composite materials for Additive Manufacturing (AM).

CALMARE is a research centre investigating the sustainable use of polymers and composites and the circular economy.

We work with all sizes and types of companies to analyse or develop new materials and processes. This can be through government funded collaborative research or directly though joint partnerships, PhDs and consulting.

ETG has a wide range of processing, analysis and testing equipment that can be utilised through research projects or on a consulting basis.