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Additive manufacturing (CALM)

The Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing (CALM) offers independent research and technical support to develop the next generation of materials for engineering and high temperature polymers and composites.

Much of our research is at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 1-5, but we are also involved in helping bring solutions to market and are working collaboratively to deliver qualification and certification methodologies for the future. Download our brochure to find out more about our research. 

Being the only independent centre worldwide researching laser sintering (LS) of high temperature polymers using the EOS P800 system and EOS P810, CALM has developed an in-depth knowledge of high performance polymers including PAEK materials (PEEK/PEKK etc), and has used this for optimisation of materials for both LS and material extrusion. Read more.

We use traditional and novel techniques to develop the next generation of composite materials for AM that offer multifunctional capabilities, such as working with MOFs, Graphene and Boron Nitride for various adsorbancy, conductivity and insulating properties, whilst developing a deep understanding of the crystallisation kinetics of the materials Read more.

Through a multi-million pound partnership with Victrex, CALM is carrying out research to exploit the full potential of high-performance PAEK polymers in Additive Manufacturing. Read more.

CALM has both the EOS P100 and high temperature P800 and P810 systems. With a thorough knowledge of the process, we work with industrial partners to optimise materials for use in these and other commercially-available platforms. Read more.

Recent advances in material extrusion (commonly termed Fused Deposition Modelling / FDM™ has led to Exeter working with materials and equipment manufacturers to better understand the science behind the technology and develop future systems and materials. Read more.

The development of the AM sector is an enabling factor in some of the emerging business models including the Circular Economy. We work collaboratively with other organisations to investigate the effect AM could have on some of these developing concepts. Read more.

Our brochure

The CALM Brochure provides full details of our projects, together with relevant publications that have been produced from these. 

» CALM Brochure