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Polymer processing and analysis

With our state-of-the-art equipment and multi-talented team, we have been involved in a variety of polymer processing research projects. At the centre of all our projects is a desire to better understand the material properties so that we can predict and optimise manufacturing processes.

We can test new material formulations, modify processes and develop systems such as in-line spectroscopy for quality control, applying this across conventional polymer manufacturing equipment as well as Additive Manufacturing (AM).


Currently we have 2 injection moulders (thermoset and thermoplastic), single and twin screw extruders, a lab scale SMC line, 2 hot presses, a suite of AM equipment, and a wide variety of material analysis and testing equipment. More information can be found on our facilities page

Areas of research

Our world-leading research in this area encompasses auxetic fibre composites and fabrics. Read more

Near infra-red spectroscopy techniques can be used across molten polymer (for instance across the nozzle in injection moulding, or die of an extruder) to detect changes in chemical structure of the materials. Read more

Polymer analysis and mechanical testing

We work with companies on a consulting basis as well as through funding mechanisms such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships to carry out materials analysis and testing. View the equipment we have available on our facilities page.