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Social Sciences

OCEANS Connections

1 November 2018 - 31 October 2021

PI/s in Exeter: Associate Professor Lindsay Hetherington

CI/s in Exeter: Associate Professor Kerry Chappell Professor Justin Dillon

Funding awarded: £ 70,000


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OCEANS Connections

About the research

OCEANS Connections is a Europe-wide project which is developing innovative digital tools that employ creative pedagogies to develop pupils' 'Ocean Literacy'. This is an aspect of scientific literacy which specifically addresses issues of climate change and the marine environment. It will use Augmented/Virtual Reality experiences developed with aquaria alongside innovative, creative approaches to teaching and learning developed with schools to help pupils gain skills in understanding the climate change and human impact on the environment in the context of the Ocean. In terms of impacts, pupils will gain both scientific understanding in terms of key content, and understanding of scientific processes and methods, as well as acquiring digital skills and 'soft' skills and competencies with respect to intercultural understanding and global citizenship. The UoE team is Lindsay Hetherington, Kerry Chappell, Justin Dillon and Andrew Dean.