Global Mobility - Guidance for managers


The University is operating in an increasingly international market which offers significant opportunities for the University and its staff.

This guidance provides an overview of the main issues that should be considered when contemplating employing staff based overseas or posting existing members of staff on an overseas assignment for more than three months and outlines the process that should be followed. This also includes allowing staff to work from their home (overseas) on an extended basis.

There are a number of areas that may require consideration prior to employing staff based overseas including

• employment contracts
• health and safety
• insurance and
• tax 

General guidance relating to these areas is outlined below though the requirements will be country specific. Due to the complexity of employing staff overseas it is important that advice is sought as early as possible to ensure that country specific considerations can be identified and any additional questions and costs related to these can be highlighted before the overseas assignment begins.

This guidance does not cover short term travel overseas (less than 3 months).  Guidance for staff travelling overseas on short term University Business can be found at:

Employees undertaking short term travel should look at Guidance for travel overseas

Further information