Global Mobility


The University’s Global Strategy is to become a truly global institution by extending our presence, reach and impact around the world. This will include developing strategic partnerships with leading universities around the world, building upon our existing international partnerships and forging new relationships.

As a consequence, a global workforce - which used to be the exception – is now gradually becoming more common. Employing staff overseas has some implications, which, if they are not addressed properly could put both the individual and the University at risk (please see ‘issues to consider’ section for more information).

The role of the HR Global Mobility Activity is to equip the University with a robust, seamless and future-proof global HR framework that will deliver service excellence and support the University’s international expansion in a compliant and cost effective way, contributing to the University’s reputation as a truly international institution.

This guidance does not cover short term travel overseas (less than 3 months).  Guidance for staff travelling overseas on short term University Business can be found at Guidance for travel overseas

Remote working during the Coronavirus Pandemic

We recognise that as a consequence of the Coronavirus pandemic, many employees have been working at home. While working at home is permitted in the UK, it is not permitted outside the UK. This is because most countries, like the UK, expect employers and employees to pay tax and social security in the country where employees are physically working (even from a personal home address). Failing to comply with the local employment regulations may result in claims for back taxes and fines from the local authorities, both for the individual and the University. Access to health care may also be affected and, if you are not a national of the country, it may also be a breach of immigration rules for you to work there. To minimise this risk, the University position is that remote/homeworking is only permitted within the UK territory (unless there is prior agreement and appropriate payroll and immigration requirements are in place).

If you are normally living and working in the UK, a short period of remote working as a consequence of travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic may be permitted. However, to fulfil its duty of care it is important that we are aware of where you are working and can make a decision on what action is appropriate in each case. Colleagues should be aware that if they are unable to return to the UK after a personal overseas trip then they may not be able to work remotely from outside the UK and they should make alternative arrangements to return to the UK at the earliest opportunity. We will always do our best to protect our employees but in some cases where the risk is deemed too high for yourself and the University, it may be necessary to place you on leave of absence. If you are currently working outside the UK, please advise your Director of College Operations or service Director (if they are not already aware) at the earliest opportunity.

If you are a new employee living outside the UK and travelling to the UK to commence your employment, your start date will be delayed if Coronavirus restrictions prevent you from travelling unless we are able to make alternative arrangements for tax and social security to be deducted in your home country. You should not start working remotely until you have received written confirmation from HR and have provided satisfactory evidence of your right to work in that country.