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Annual teaching restrictions

Teaching staff are able to apply for an annual teaching restriction. This is when you request that your teaching is not scheduled at particular times during the week.

Who can apply for a teaching restriction?

All teaching staff are eligible to apply for a teaching restriction. Teaching restrictions are often requested by parents and carers who may need extra flexibility to accommodate their caring arrangements. You can make a request for any reason and your College will consider if the request is feasible. Not all requests will be agreed because they may cause difficulty in delivering teaching for students.

Does a teaching restriction reduce my workload?

An annual teaching restriction application is a request to restrict hours of teaching to certain days or times for one year. It does not reduce your overall working hours and as such, a successful teaching restriction application will have no impact on your overall workload. If you wish to change your working pattern to reduce your total hours of work, you should make a formal request to change a working pattern.

How do I request a teaching restriction?

The request is made using the following campus-specific application forms:

Your College will be able to give you guidance on deadlines for submitting the form and let you know who to submit the form to. There are further guidance notes to read on the application form.

When should I complete an application form?

Annual teaching restrictions are usually dealt with once a year, usually in the Spring term, to allow requests to be considered before the timetabling team build the timetable. Your Faculty will usually let you know when the application process is open.

If you need to make a request for a teaching restriction outside of this time, you should speak to your Academic Lead for advice.

Why do I have to make a request every year?

A successful teaching restriction application is only valid for one year because the timetable and the needs of each Faculty change every year.

How do Colleges handle teaching restriction requests?

There is further information on handling teaching restriction applications. There are two versions of this guidance because the advised deadlines are different between our Penryn campus and our Exeter-based campuses.