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What to do if you are sick

If you are sick you should notify your nominated supervisor or College Dean/Head of Service as soon as reasonably practicable on the first day of absence by telephone or message.  You should also give an expected date of return or when you will be able to call again with further information.  Whenever possible, notification should be made in person.

When you return to work you will have received an email from the HR team containing details about your sickness absence, and a link to the new electronic sickness form on the Employee Self-Service system. Please click on the link and follow the instructions to complete the electronic form. Once you’ve done this you will receive a final email confirming that your sickness record has been closed. For further information on the reason for absence categories please see Guidance on Sickness Absence Categories for Trent HR.

You must obtain a medical certificate, or 'fit note', for all periods of absence in excess of one week (including weekends).  Complete, sign and forward your fit note promptly to your supervisor or College PVC/Head of Service.

Notify your supervisor or College PVC/Head of Service whether or not you will be returning to work at the expiry of a medical certificate and, if appropriate, forward a further medical certificate as above.

The Occupational Health Service helps staff fulfil their potential, irrespective of disability and ill health.  They work to prevent work-related illness and to assist staff to return to work after sickness absence. 

We may refer you to be examined by the Occupational Health Service or a doctor nominated by the University where there are concerns about your health or level of attendance. 

 For further information, please visit the Occupational Health Service web pages.

Subject to the requirements in the Terms and Conditions, the University will pay sickness allowance as follows:

Length of service Full pay allowance Half pay allowance 
First year of service  1 month  1 month 
Second and third years' service  3 months  3 months 
Over three years' service  6 months  6 months 

For health and safety reasons, if you are signed off work with a medical certificate you should not attend work without the express authority of the University.