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Special leave

Parental Bereavement leave is part of the University’s Special Leave scheme.  Find out more.

Parental Bereavement leave

Parental Bereavement leave

From 6 April 2020 parents and adults with parental responsibility who have suffered the loss of a child after 24 weeks of pregnancy and before 18 years of age will be entitled to a statutory 2 weeks leave. This is a day one right. This will be paid at your normal pay.

The two weeks leave can be taken either in one block of two weeks or in two separate blocks of one week each. It must be taken within 56 weeks of the date of the child’s death. Notice of this leave will be flexible given the nature of it. If an employee loses more than one child you are eligible for the leave for each child.

Applying for parental bereavement leave

The member of staff must notify their manager as soon as is reasonably practicable, explaining the reason for their absence and how long they expect to be away.

Currently: The employee must request the leave manually (via email) and the manager can forward to to process. Please esnure to give full information regarding names, employee number, dates for leave.

Going forward: The employee must request the leave via Trent self-service as soon as possible or the manager can input the details if appropriate. The manager may ask for more information if it is needed. This leave must be agreed with your manager. This type of leave must be taken in one block or two blocks of one week each. This will be available via itrent from the next upgrade which is hoped to be in August 2020.