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Special leave

The University is continuing to take active steps to develop an environment which promotes equality of opportunity and values diversity for staff and students. The Positive Work Environment agenda ensures that the health and wellbeing of all staff at the University is considered. It recognises that there may be occasions when staff may need time away to fulfil personal obligations that are not necessarily covered by other types of leave. Any special leave request will also take into account the operational needs of the University.

The webpages listed below set out information for managers and staff regarding the University’s special leave scheme. It includes details on who is eligible to take leave, how to request leave and the factors that will be taken into account in deciding whether an application will be supported.

  • There is no contractual right to (paid) compassionate leave, carer's leave, emergency leave or parental bereavement leave and this guidance does not form part of the conditions of employment. However, at its discretion, the University may grant leave in accordance with the guidance below and expects managers to support a positive working culture. The leave outlined in these pages apply to all employees, regardless of service.
  • The leave must be agreed with your manager.
  • This guidance is not intended to remove any current provisions for staff under their conditions of employment or existing legislation.
  • This guidance does not apply to individuals who are engaged on a contract for services basis and it does not apply to workers paid via the claims payroll or agency workers.
  • Knowingly giving false information or abuse of special leave is misconduct and will be managed by the University through the disciplinary procedure.

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