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Reserve Forces and Mobilisation

The University of Exeter employ staff who are members of the Reserve Forces and we recognise the valuable contribution that Reservists make to the UK Armed Forces, their communities and the civilian workplace.

The University has pledged its support for members of, or those wishing to join the Reserve Forces and acknowledge the training undertaken by Reservists that enables them to develop skills and abilities that are of benefit to both the individual and their employer.  

The Reserve Forces, also known as Reservists, train and serve alongside the Regular Forces, combining a military role with a civilian career.  As Reserves, they may be mobilised at any time for full time operations, and will be required to attend training.

The Guidance on Reserve Forces and Mobilisation is provided for:

  • managers of staff who are members of Reserve forces and
  • staff who are members of Reserve Forces

Additional Advice

The Defence Relationship Management (DRM) provides comprehensive guidance on the legal rights and responsibiities for both employers and Reservists.

They also provide a free telephone helpline (0800 389 5459) open during office hours where advice and guidance can be obtained on training, mobilisation and employement issues.