Equality Analysis highlights areas of equality and diversity best practice and enables us to pre-empt and discourage incidents of discrimination.

Equality Analysis resources

Equality Analysis Form

The Equality Analysis Form will help you to structure your Equality Analysis. A new form needs to be completed for each policy you assess.

Please refer to the Equality Analysis FAQ [opens new window] before completing an Equality Analysis. If, after reading the FAQ, you still have queries please contact the Equality & Diversity Team [opens new window]. 

Completed Equality Analysis Forms should be sent to the Equality & Diversity Team

Guidance for VCEG/SMG/Council and PSMG

Council and VCEG are aware of the need for equality considerations when making decisions and recommendations and will expect to see a completed Equality Considerations statement on all policy documents submitted, to demonstrate that an Equality Analysis has been carried out and to summarise the outcome. The Equality Considerations statement can also be found on the Equality Analysis Form. 

Guidance for members of VCEG/SMG/Council and PSMG - to raise awareness of their responsibilities regarding equality considerations when making decisions and recommendations.

Guidance for authors of reports for consideration by VCEG/SMG/Council and PSMG - to explain their responsibilities regarding carrying out Equality Analyses of policies/services/functions which are new or subject to change/review prior to consideration by VCEG/SMG/Council/PSMG.