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Leadership Academy

 Continuing professional development for leaders

Further development, CPD and qualifications

As an institution grounded in the importance of lifelong learning, we have curated opportunities for most levels of leadership experience.

The Leadership Academy

For our Senior Leaders who are comfortable with People Management and have previously completed leadership training or have equivalent experience, we have our new 'Leadership Academy' with content delivered by our highly esteemed Exeter Centre for Leadership.

This inspirational, external looking, programme features monthly 1 hour leadership talks delivered by Exeter scholars, 360 feedback and allows participants to reflect on their understanding and practice leadership a structured setting. 

Full details of the programme can be found in our ‌.

Limited spaces are available and the first session begins on October 20th so please enrol early by signing up here!‌

Further CPD Opportunities


You can gain formal qualifications through our leadership and managment apprenticeships:

Please click here to browse the catalogue of apprenticeships that we offer.

Academic Engage series

The Engage forums provide a space for colleagues in particular roles to meet and share expertise and insights, focused on strategic topics and themes. Chaired by Senior University leaders they are also a chance to discuss concerns, visualise opportunities and raise awareness, feeding directly back to the University's Executive Board.

Currently there are five Engage Forums:

DPVC Engage. Chaired by the Provost. Organised by the Provost's Office.

HoD Engage. Chaired by The Provost. Organised by The Provost's Office.

DoE Engage. Chaired by DVC (Education). Organised by Jess Johnson.

DoRI Forum. Chaired by DVC (Research and Impact). Organised by Sarah Warren.

DoGE Engage. Chaired by DVC (Global Engagement). Organised by Helen Butler.