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College, Service and Department inductions (local inductions)

Local Induction

College, Service and Department (local) inductions compliment the University induction and add vital detail about your workplace. Departments might have incorporated the University induction checklist into their procedures, if using a local induction procedure please ensure that everything in the University checklist is covered.

Where specific local inductions do not currently exist this page signposts you to the College or Service home page. Please check with your induction facilitator and manager to confirm any local arrangements.

Bespoke inductions

Mandatory training and additional induction checklist for Covid-19 return to work: 

All staff returning to the workplace are required to complete the online training course titled, "Introduction to your Covid-19 workplace".  This is a mandatory course and staff must not return to a Campus or work area managed by the University of Exeter without first completing this training.  This course requires staff to self-enrol via LearnUpon.  More information can be found on the Secure Workplace webpages

Staff must also complete the Covid-19 Return to Work Local Induction which can also be accessed via the Secure Workplace webpages

College, Service and Department induction information

If you work in a College, Service or Department and have a local induction procedure that you would like linked to this page, please email with the details.