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Pre-arrival information


Your onboarding experience begins as soon as you are offered employment with the University. Your contract contains lots of useful information and links to departments that will support you through those early stages. The New Staff pages also offer pre-arrival advice and guidance for completing actions such as your Right to Work documentation and understanding your Conditions of Employment. The Human Resources team, your manager and induction facilitator will all be able to assist with any pre-start date questions you might have so do get in touch if you have any concerns or queries. On your first day you will be met by your manager and induction facilitator (if you have been allocated one, your manager might undertake this role). They will take you through those early stages of your onboarding and induction and let you know what to expect. Below is some additional information that might be useful to consider prior to your arrival:

Please ensure that you have completed as many of the Before you Arrive actions as possible.  This will help us to sort out any problems early and hopefully before you arrive for your first day.

All new appointments with the University are subject to a satisfactory health assessment. Please complete and submit the online Medical Health Questionnaire – please see your contract for the link.

Day one can feel daunting but don’t worry, there are plenty of people who can help. You can find links to key departments in the Useful Links section on this page and there are additional links in the Further Signposting section (please note that you might not be able to access all areas until your first day at work). In addition the following are topics that you might want to consider:

  • Where will you be working? Confirm with your manager where your team is currently working. If you are working remotely make sure you have discussed how you will be given office equipment and how your working environment will be set up for day one. If coming onto Campus confirm whether there is any additional information you need to be aware of in terms of current working regulations.
  • Consider whether there are any reasonable adjustments that need to be made before you commence work, if you think there might be please give your manager as much notice as possible before you start so that they can contact all the necessary departments.
  • If you have not yet agreed a suitable start date please do so as soon as possible.
  • What time do you need to start, who is meeting you and where on day one? If meeting virtually what method is being used?
  • How will you get to your place of work? If you need a car parking space discuss this with your manager to make sure one is available for you while you get your parking permit set up. There is lots of information available about accessing our sites here.


The relocation assistance scheme for new appointments is not a contractual benefit. The University will exercise its discretion whether to offer relocation assistance to new appointments. Where relocation assistance is offered, this will be detailed in the letter of appointment.

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Once you have returned your contract to Human Resources you can apply for your UniCard. Find out the process for your location here.

For those colleagues working abroad or moving to the UK there is additional information for International Staff including relevant Visa and immigration information, considerations around accommodation, childcare options, National Insurance, healthcare and bank accounts, please also see the information around Global mobility .

All new staff are to follow the UK Government guidelines if they are travelling to the UK to join the University of Exeter. More information can be found on the Government webpages.