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Call to action links

  • The Call to action links template is used to draw attention to up to three important links on a page.
  • They can only be used in the right hand column and have the option of including an overaching title.
  • They perform a similar function to  which can only be used to display one link. 
  • On screen sizes under 768 pixels the Call to action links will appear above the main column content (the Generic highlight button appears below). 
  • All links will automatically have Google Analytics tracking code added to them.
  • Typically they will be styled to stand out on a page.
  • They are normally used for important calls to action such as the 'Apply' buttons on our prospective student facing pages.
  • They should be used sparingly.


  1. Ensure that you have the right column enabled in the Acc www page template at the top of the page.
  2. Add the Call to action links template and give it the Name 'Call to action - [description]'.
  3. The Title field is optional - add an overarching title for your links here if required.
  4. Link 1 text is the that will be your first link on the live site
  5. If the page you are linking to is external and not generated by T4 paste the URL into the Link 1 text (external page) field, otherwise leave blank.
  6. If you're linking to a T4 generated page on the University website click on the Select button in the Link 1 URL (internal page) to open up the site structure. Navigate to the page you wish to link to and click on the title of it to insert the link.
  7. Repeat this process for Link 2 and Link 3 if required.