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Feature boxes

Feature boxes

Feature boxes

Feature boxes are usually used on home pages and landing pages for on-page navigation to highlight 'featured' pages:

  • Typically used in a row of 3 feature boxes.
  • Can be used with or without images.
  • Can be 2 different widths, depending on if they are used in the left (main) column or a full width page.
  • Don't 'mix and match' different widths of feature box on the same page.
  1. Add Acc: feature box and give it a Name 'Feature box - [description]'.
  2. Image is optional (standard 930x500px responsive image recommended for this).
  3. Title is optional (but recommended) heading for your feature box.
  4. To create feature box with several links, create links as bullet point list. You then need to manually edit HTML. Click the 'edit HTML source' button and replace the <ul> tag at the top of the page with <ul class="menu">.
  5. Custom code field is for code for forms or feeds - contact the Web Team if you want to add either to your pages.
  6. For (narrow) left column boxes, check 'display in left column' and 'Hide underneath content'. (If you don't check 'Hide underneath content' it will appear on the page twice!)
  7. For (wide) full page width boxes, ignore these last two check boxes.

Showing off all feature boxes on one page...

For demonstration only, don't do this on a real page!

Left column feature boxes

This style allows the right hand navigation to still be shown so you can also display highlight boxes.

Box 1

Text goes in here.

Box 2

Text can be just a few words or a longer sentence explaining more about what the user will find if they click on the feature box link.

Box 4

Feature boxes can have just text, just image or both, or a video.

Box 5
Box 6

Full width feature boxes

These take up the whole page and so the right hand navigation will not show.

Box 7

Feature boxes can have a little bit of text.

Box 8

Or feature boxes can have a few sentences of text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

Box 9
Box 11

Feature boxes can have text, text and images, links, video or just an image.

Box 12