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Acc www page

Acc: www page

The Acc www page template has 4 main functions;

  • It includes code that makes our pages work, so every page of your site will require an Acc www page template.
  • It contains the option to choose whether a page is full width or 2 columns.
  • It determines the Heading of your page (also referred to as the Heading 1 or H1).
  • You can use it to add text to the main column of your page.

Using the Acc www page template to set up a new page

  1. After creating a new section in T4 add an Acc www page template
  2. Name: write 'Page header'
  3. Header: give your page a title, this should be the same as or related to the title of the section.
  4. Content: Add your rich text content here. If you want your page to have a different template immediately underneath the page header leave this blank.
  5. Make full width: By default the layout of a page has 2 columns. If you want a full width page check this box.
  6. Hide right hand sub nav' box: By default the right hand column will display any sub-pages in your navigation structure. If you don't have any sub-pages or you do not want them to appear then check this box. 
  7. Hide breadcrumb trail: By default every page has a visible breadcrumb trail. This should be kept on every page and only removed if the site is very small.
  8. Header and Footer fields: these can be used to insert custom code into the page.

It's possible have multiple Acc www page templates on a single page broken up by other templates, such as carousels, quotes, tabs and accordions.

How to add multiple Acc www page templates to a page

You can use mutliple templates to build a single page with different types of content. The order in which your templates appear on the live site is determined by the order they appear in a particular section's 'Content' tab. You can reorder them by using the up and down arrows in the 'Move' column.

When adding extra Acc www page templates there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Give the extra template(s) a name that will make them easy to identify when looking at the section in T4.
  • Ignore the 'Header' box - this will automatically generate a Heading 1 tag that should only be used once on every page at the very top, and should have already been generated in the first Acc www page template on this page. If you want this block of text to have a heading add it in the 'Content' section and use Heading 2 (or lower) from the 'Format' drop-down.
  • Add your content as normal in the 'Content' section. 
  • Ignore the 'Make full width' 'Hide right hand sub nav' and 'Hide breadcrumb nav' options as these should all be set in the first Acc www page template that appears on the page

Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.

Jeffrey Zeldman