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Examination Misconduct

There are important rules concerning exam conduct that all students, regardless of Faculty or level of study, are expected to follow. These are available online her: Guidance to Candidates.

Students who are caught breaking this guidance will be treated in accordance with the University's Assessment, Progression and Awarding Handbook, Chapter 12 - academic conduct and practice, which lists the following offences specifically relevant to exams:

  1. The use or possession of unauthorised books, notes, software, electronic devices or other materials in an examination (unless specifically permitted).
  2. Obtaining an examination paper ahead of its authorised release.
  3. Attempting to impersonate or impersonation of another individual, due to be sitting a specific assessment.

Specific offences that the University has a zero tolerance approach to are:

  • The possession of any form of electronic device, which includes mobile phones, iPods or MP3 players and any form of smart watch on or near your person during an exam whether it be switched on or off and;
  • Being in possession of unauthorised material. This may be notes about the topic, or formula written on a hand or arm or other materials found on or near your person.

Please remember electronic devices and/or unauthorised material and exams don't mix!