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Academic Misconduct

Glossary of common terms
FCT Faculty Cases Team AHW Academic Honesty Workshop
ACO Academic Conduct Officer PAP Poor Academic Practice
SACO Senior Academic Conduct Officer AM Academic Misconduct

The Hub are one of the teams who are considered to have a business need to know details of an investigation. When we are informed that a piece of work is under investigation, we contact your Hub to instruct them to withhold the marks and feedback until the investigation outcome is complete. It may also be that we ask them to do this for further pieces of work once the Academic Conduct Officer has decided if other assessments need to be considered at Faculty or Department level. Once a meeting has taken place, we will inform your Hub of the outcome and give them instructions regarding any penalty that may have been applied. Your Hub will contact you regarding resubmission details if you have been asked to resubmit a piece of work by a specific deadline.

We realise that receiving a letter from us to say that concerns have been raised about your work can cause worry and we recommend you talk to someone about it for support. This could be a friend or a loved one but there is also support for you within the University.

If you are looking for guidance on what you can expect from this process you can contact the Students' Union Advice Team (Cornwall) on or The Students’ Guild Advice Team on These teams are experienced in helping our students through this process.

Our wellbeing service is here to support you and you can find further information here for students in Cornwall and here for students in Devon.

We won’t contact your personal tutor about this as it’s confidential. However, personal tutors can provide support, so you can contact yours to discuss this with them if you wish.

You are welcome to email the team with any enquiries you have about the Academic Conduct process. In some instances, we will have to redirect you to another team if they are better able to respond to your queries. We also suggest the following:

  • For enquiries about your programme of study such as marks for a piece of coursework or exam, a submission issue, or your course in general, it is best to contact your Hub. A list of Info Points and Hub contacts can be found here.
  • For matters relating to your health and support with your studies the University Wellbeing team is best placed to support you. They can arrange appointments with AccessAbility or the Welfare team to discuss adjustments to student support. To contact them please see the Wellbeing Service website here or the FXPlus website here.
  • For independent confidential, and impartial support students are encouraged to contact their Guild or Union. For students studying at the Streatham or St Luke’s Campus you can contact The Students' Guild Advice Unit at For Students studying at the Penryn Campus, you can contact The Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union at The Guild and Students’ Union can provide supporters to accompany you to meetings
  • You are also assigned a Personal or Academic Tutor at the beginning of each academic year. We won’t contact your personal tutor about this as it’s a confidential matter. However, personal tutors can provide support, so you can contact yours to discuss this with them if you wish. Many departments also have Senior Personal Tutors, so speak to your Hub if you would like to be able to contact them.
  • If you are an international student, please consider approaching the Insessional team who run the English Language Skills Development programme. They provide face-to-face classes and one-to-one support, which are bookable via their website, and offer an extensive range of online resources on their Guided Independent Learning site. If you are not sure what workshop to enrol in or what resources to use, please email

We are sure you will appreciate that for data protection purposes we are only able to discuss your case with members of the University who have a genuine business need to know, and we cannot discuss these matters with third parties without your written consent. If you would like someone to be able to speak with us on your behalf, such as a parent or personal tutor, please email the Faculty Cases Team in advance to confirm that you give consent for us to discuss your case. If any third-party contacts us requesting such information, we are only able to respond to them in general terms regarding the University procedure, not about individual cases. As such, when it comes to having a supporter at your meeting, we assume that in inviting them you are happy for them to be privy to the information discussed. Please note it is your responsibility to forward any information you consider relevant for them to support you such as a meeting location, video link, or copies of the work in question.