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Glossary of common terms
FCT Faculty Cases Team AHW Academic Honesty Workshop
ACO Academic Conduct Officer PAP Poor Academic Practice
SACO Senior Academic Conduct Officer AM Academic Misconduct

It is important to remember that you might not be found guilty of anything and that your case may be dismissed after the initial investigation, or you could be found not guilty after further discussion and the meeting has taken place. However, in the event it is deemed that a student has committed an offence, a penalty is applied. A full list of the Tariff, Description of Offence and Penalty options can be found here. Faculty Cases meetings only look at penalties up to and including Tariff D. If an ACO, during the point of investigation, believes that you have committed an offence that is potential Severe Academic Misconduct (Tariff E to G), your case will be referred to a University Committee of Academic Enquiry overseen by the University Cases team.

Some of the Tariff outcomes will require you to resubmit your work with the poor academic practice removed. In some cases (Tariff B outcomes) this will be for an un-capped mark, whereas in others (Tariff C) the mark will be capped. The outcome letter and accompanying minutes you receive following your meeting will explain what is required and what changes you should make (and should NOT make) to your assignment. It is really important that you read your outcome letter and minutes carefully and ensure you understand what changes are being requested. The minutes will make clear the extent to which you may change your assignment. The purpose of a resubmission is to enable the marker to award the original piece of work a fair mark in relation to other students on the module.

If you are not sure what is being requested, you can ask for clarification from the Faculty Cases team.

For offences identified in non-invigilated examinations you will be required to sit the examination again during the next assessment period.

If you are asked to resubmit your work as part of your outcome, your resubmission will be considered by the ACO before being passed on to the marking team. The ACO will check that you have corrected your work and removed the poor academic practice. They will check that you have followed the instructions followed in the minutes of the meeting.

If when considering your resubmission, the ACO determines that you have not corrected your work to the required standard and/or have not followed the instructions provided in the minutes of the meeting, then you will be awarded a mark of zero for the work.

You have ten working days to appeal your outcome decision from the date of the outcome letter we email you. Details on how to appeal can be found here. You should be mindful of the timeframes involved and the grounds on which you can base such an appeal. To ensure appeals are considered objectively they are handled by the University Student Cases team rather than members of the FCT, who may have already been involved in your case. Therefore, if you have any questions about submitting an appeal for a review of your Academic Misconduct outcome, you should contact