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Fitness to Practise

St Lukes

Some of the qualifications awarded by the University lead to a professional qualification, statutory (legal) registration or admission to a professional body. You are expected to behave in a manner appropriate to the Code of Conduct (or equivalent) of the regulatory body for your profession, and to the University's regulations.

Examples of such qualifications include teaching qualifications and diagnostic radiographers. When we award such a qualification, we must be sure that not only have you demonstrated appropriate academic achievements, but also that you have demonstrated the appropriate professional skills and attitudes required for entry to your profession and that you will be a safe and suitable entrant to the profession. Physical or mental health reasons may also be a cause for someone being deemed to be unfit to practise.

Where there are concerns about your suitability for the award of a qualification leading to such a profession, the University will consider your case through our Fitness to Practise procedure.

Details of the procedure can be found by clicking on the following link:

Fitness to Practise procedure

You can Email the Fitness to Practice Policy Advisor with any further questions.