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Investigation Stage

Glossary of common terms
FCT Faculty Cases Team AHW Academic Honesty Workshop
ACO Academic Conduct Officer PAP Poor Academic Practice
SACO Senior Academic Conduct Officer AM Academic Misconduct

Possible updates in the second letter include:

  1. The investigation is dismissed. Following review of your work, the Academic Conduct Officer (ACO) has decided that there are no concerns regarding your work and no further action will be taken. In this case your work will be returned for marking and your Hub will provide you with the marks and feedback for any assessed pieces that had been under investigation. Please note, the standard three-week turnaround for marks and feedback is superseded by this investigation so there may be a short delay in receiving your marks.
  2. The ACO deems it is necessary for you to attend an academic honesty workshop, which covers less serious concerns of poor academic practice, and no penalty will be applied to the work in question: The ACO reviewing your work has determined that a meeting should be held to enable a decision to be made in the investigation. The letter will invite you to attend a meeting and will contain details of the date and time of the meeting, who will be in attendance and the documentation that will be considered at the meeting.

There are three types of meeting, depending on the nature of the suspected offence and findings of the ACO:

  • Department Level Meeting: concerns raised over poor academic practice, with possible penalties ranging from Tariff A to B
  • Faculty Level Meeting: concerns raised that may be either poor academic practice or academic misconduct, with possible penalties ranging from Tariff A – D
  • University Level Meeting: concerns raised that may relate to severe academic misconduct offences. Such a case would be referred to the University Student Cases Team. These are very rare, but more serious in nature, so we would look to provide additional support if this were to apply in your case.