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Academic Honesty Workshops

Glossary of common terms
FCT Faculty Cases Team AHW Academic Honesty Workshop
ACO Academic Conduct Officer PAP Poor Academic Practice
SACO Senior Academic Conduct Officer AM Academic Misconduct

The piece of work in question will have been attached along with your invite to attend an AHW. The issues identified in your assessment will have been judged not serious enough to warrant a formal misconduct hearing. As such, no penalty will be awarded, and the meeting is purely educational. The markers may have found issues with your approach to writing, such as poor paraphrasing or the way you have undertaken referencing may not be correctly formatted to your Department’s referencing style. These workshops are designed to be an educational opportunity to develop and improve your understanding of the academic expectations at the University. In learning how to correct these you can improve the quality of your future work and help to avoid further suspicions of misconduct in the future. The workshops are often more informal group meetings and will include an opportunity for students to raise questions.

If you are called to an AHW you are expected to attend. The FCT will keep a record of students who have attended, and those who have chosen not to. There are no punitive outcomes but failure to attend may result in issues remaining unaddressed in your work. If suspicions of poor practice or misconduct are identified in your future work, it will have to be dealt with more seriously, therefore we strongly recommend attendance.