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The Ceremony: What to Expect

Please see the information below regarding what to expect during the ceremony. A full information guide in PDF format can also be found here: Cornwall Ceremony: What to Expect.

Arrival at the Cathedral

Doors for the ceremony will open thirty minutes prior to the ceremony start time. Please ensure you allow enough time to collect your robes and arrive to take your seat at this time.

Please ensure that you and your guests have your tickets in order to gain entry to the Cathedral.

Taking your seat

Your seat number will be displayed on your graduand ticket, and your seat will be labelled with your name. It is very important that you sit in the correct seat during the ceremony. If you have any difficulties finding your seat, please talk to a member of Graduation staff who will be on hand to assist.

Please note that it is very important that you sit in the seat labelled with your name. This may differ slightly from the seat listed on your ticket.

Before the beginning of the ceremony, members of Graduation staff will pass along the rows of graduands to check that you are in the correct order. If the person next to you is missing, you may be handed an absence card to hand to the presenter on the stage. A marshal will explain how to proceed if this is the case.

Order of Ceremony

Each ceremony may differ slightly, but will broadly follow the format listed below.

Entry of the Processions

The ceremony will begin with the entry of the processions. Graduands and guests are asked to stand when the music begins, and to remain standing until the processions have taken their places on the stage and the Chancellor/his representative asks you to be seated.

Opening Addresses

The Chancellor/his representative will formally open the congregation, and make some opening remarks, followed by a welcoming address by the Vice Chancellor/his representative and a short introduction from the Master of Ceremony.

Presentation of first cohort of graduands

The Master of Ceremony will call upon the presenter to present the first cohort of candidates for award. Please see the "Crossing the Stage" section below for full details of what to expect when your name is called.

Public Oration and Honorary Award (if applicable)

If your ceremony includes an Honorary Graduate, they will be introduced by a Public Oration and then admitted to their degree by the Chancellor/his representative. They will then be invited to address the congregation.

Presentation of second cohort of graduands

Following the Honorary Graduate's response, the second cohort of graduands will cross the stage.

Student Vote of Thanks

A representative of the Students' Guild will give a short vote of thanks speech.

Closing Address

The Chancellor/his representative will give a closing speech and formally close the congregation.

Exit of the Processions

When the music starts, all graduates and guests should stand for the exit of the processions. The Chancellor leaves first, followed by the Chancellor's procession and the Academic procession. Once the processions have left the Cathedral, graduates will be directed to leave by the marshals. Please see the "Exiting the Ceremony" section below for full details.


Formally receiving your degree

It can be a daunting prospect to cross the stage in front of everyone at the ceremony, but don't worry: there will be plenty of marshals on hand to assist.

Approaching the Stage

When the Master of Ceremony calls upon the presenter to present the graduands for award (see the "Order of Ceremony" section above), the Graduation marshals will ask each row of graduands to stand and make their way down the left side of the Cathedral towards the stage. There will be marshals along the way to assist and make sure you remain in the correct order.

When you reach the end of the side aisle, the Front Marshal will ask you to wait before sending you to the Stair Marshal near to the stage. You will then be told when to cross the stage.

When your name is called

When the presenter reads your name, you will walk across to the centre of the stage to be greeted by the Chancellor/his representative, who will shake your hand and officially confer your degree upon you. Smile! Our photographers will be on hand to capture the moment.

Leaving the stage

Once you have met the Chancellor/his representative, you will continue across the stage and leave via the right-hand side and then return to your seat via the right side aisle. Marshals will be on hand to direct you.

Your award documents will be posted to your home address (please check your address is correct in the Student Record System by Friday 30th June 2023) once all marks have been received.

Congratulations! You are now officially a graduate!

The End of the Ceremony

At the end of the ceremony, after the processions have left the stage (see the "Order of Ceremony" section above), all graduates will be directed to exit their rows via the left- and right-hand side aisles and walk to the front of the Cathedral. You will meet in the middle and then process down the central aisle and out through the main doors. Members of academic staff from your College will greet you as you leave.

After the Ceremony

Once all graduates have left the ceremony, guests will be asked to leave via the main doors to meet their graduates outside. 

If you are using the free Park and Ride service betwee Truro and the Campus there will be marshals on hand to start to lead you back to the bus pick up bay.

All graduates and guests are invited to attend the Graduation Reception on the Penryn Campus after the ceremony. Please see our On the Day page for further details.