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Honorary Graduates

See our Honorary graduates from previous years.

On the day – Exeter


Your graduation day is a special occasion to celebrate your academic achievements with your friends and family. Make sure you visit the graduation preparation page to plan and prepare for your graduation before the day. The information listed below explains all you need to know about your graduation day.

  • Read the all the sections of the web page below.
  • The Great Hall can get warm, look at the section on our Dress Code for more information.  
  • If you are wearing them, please make sure you can walk in your heels (particularly across a ramp and across the stage). If they are new shoes, we recommend that you wear them beforehand.
  • Bring safety pins to secure your robes to your outfit (off the shoulder robes can look untidy your photographs) and if you have long hair, bring hair grips to secure your cap.
  • Be at your seat in the Great Hall at least 30 minutes before the ceremony. We need to check you are in place and find out who is missing so that we don't call their names out. And once you are in your seat, stay in your seat please.
  • TURN YOUR MOBILE PHONE OFF! Remember no selfies in the Great Hall.
  • Leave all your belongings under your seat when you are asked to queue up for your award.
  • Remember to smile when you get your award for the photos.
  • CLAP FOR EVERYONE. Not everyone there will have friends and family to cheer for them. And everyone deserves a cheer for such an achievement!
  • If your name or award is presented incorrectly on the day, please do not worry, go to the back of the Great Hall to talk to someone in a Blue robe as soon as you leave the stage so we can discuss the next steps.

The Ceremony: What to Expect

Please see the information below regarding what to expect during the ceremony. A full information guide in PDF format can also be found here: What to Expect at the Ceremony (.pdf)


Arrival at the Great Hall

Doors for the ceremony will open thirty minutes prior to the ceremony start time. Please ensure you allow enough time to collect your robes and arrive to take your seat at this time.

Graduands should enter the Great Hall via Main Reception, which is located just up the hill from the main Great Hall doors. Please note that this is a different entrance from the guest entrance to the Great Hall, so you will need to ensure that you and your guests all have access to a ticket, either printed out or on a mobile device.

Taking your seat

Your seat number will be displayed on your graduand ticket, and your seat will be labelled with your name. It is very important that you sit in the correct seat during the ceremony. If you have any difficulties finding your seat, please talk to a member of Graduation staff who will be on hand to assist.

Please note that it is very important that you sit in the seat labelled with your name. This may differ slightly from the seat listed on your ticket.

Before the beginning of the ceremony, members of Graduation staff will pass along the rows of graduands to check that you are in the correct order. 

Order of Ceremony

Each ceremony may differ slightly, but will broadly follow the format listed below.

Entry of the Processions

The ceremony will begin with the entry of the processions. Graduands and guests are asked to stand when the music begins, and to remain standing until the processions have taken their places on the stage and the Chancellor/his representative asks you to be seated.

Opening Addresses

The Chancellor/his representative will formally open the congregation, and make some opening remarks, followed by a welcoming address by the Vice Chancellor/his representative and a short introduction from the Master of Ceremony.

Presentation of first cohort of graduands

The Master of Ceremony will call upon the presenter to present the first cohort of candidates for award. Please see the "Crossing the Stage" section below for full details of what to expect when your name is called.

Public Oration and Honorary Award (if applicable)

If your ceremony includes an Honorary Graduate, they will be introduced by a Public Oration and then admitted to their degree by the Chancellor/his representative. They will then be invited to address the congregation.

Presentation of second cohort of graduands

Following the Honorary Graduate's response, the second cohort of graduands will cross the stage.

Student Vote of Thanks

A representative of the Students' Guild will give a short vote of thanks speech.

Closing Address

The Chancellor/his representative will give a closing speech and formally close the congregation.

Exit of the Processions

When the music starts, all graduates and guests should stand for the exit of the processions. The Chancellor leaves first, followed by the Chancellor's procession and the Academic procession. Once the processions have left the hall, graduates will be directed to leave by the marshals. Please see the "Exiting the Hall" section below for full details.

Details of the Great Hall

Seating on the ground floor is arranged in rows, with two aisles in between. There is also tiered seating available in the Balcony.

You can watch previous ceremonies by following the links here You can watch a Summer 2022 ceremony and by watching from 46 minutes onwards you could get an idea of the structure of the ceremony, how graduands access the stage, receive their certificate and exit the stage.

Formally receiving your degree

It can be a daunting prospect to cross the stage in front of everyone at the ceremony, but don't worry: there will be plenty of marshals on hand to assist.

Approaching the Stage

When the Master of Ceremony calls upon the presenter to present the graduands for award (see the “Order of Ceremony” section above), the Graduation marshals will ask each row of graduands to make their way down the left side of the Great Hall towards the stage. There will be marshals along the way to assist and make sure you remain in the correct order.

When you reach the end of the side aisle, the Front Marshal will ask you to wait before sending you to the ramp at the bottom of the stage. You will then be directed to wait at the top of the ramp.

When your name is called

When the presenter reads your name, you will walk across to the centre of the stage to be greeted by the Chancellor/his representative, who will shake your hand and officially confer your degree upon you. Smile! Our photographers will be on hand to capture the moment.

Leaving the stage

Once you have met the Chancellor/his representative, you will continue across the stage and descend via the right-hand ramp. You will then return to your seat via the right-side aisle. Marshals will be on hand to direct you. You will return to the same seat so you can leave any water bottles, stim toys etc in your seat. 

Your award documents will be posted to your home address (please check your address is correct in the Student Record System by Friday 30th June 2023) once all marks have been received.

Congratulations! You are now officially a graduate! 

The End of the Ceremony

At the end of the ceremony, after the processions have left the hall (see the "Order of Ceremony" section above), all graduates will be directed to exit their rows via the left- and right-hand side aisles. You will be directed by the marshals to leave the hall through Main Reception. Members of academic staff from your College will greet you as you leave. You will be led out to the Great Hall Piazza, where a group photography session will take place (see the "Photography" section of our On the Day page for further details).

There will be a drinks only reception in the Forum after your ceremony.

Wet Weather

In the case of inclement weather, there will be an alternative photography plan, which will be announced at the end of the ceremony. Please follow the instructions of the marshals if this is the case.


Visit the AccessAble website for detailed information on what to expect in the Great Hall and in other university buildings including the Forum.

If you have any questions about accessing a ceremony please do get in touch by contacting SID.

If you gave details of accessibility requirements during online registration or in advance of the ceremony, we will get in contact with you once registration has closed to discuss your preferences and confirm arrangements for you.

Please see further on the day accessibility information on this page under General Information > Accessibility Information tab.

Please note, we have taken some additional actions to do more to make our Exeter ceremonies more accessible. You can find the full details here.

After the Ceremony


Once all graduates have left the hall, guests will be asked to leave via the front doors to meet their graduates outside. We recommend arranging a meeting place away from the Great Hall to avoid crowding in the Foyer area.

Graduands and guests are welcome to mingle and meet with friends and family in the Forum or on the piazza after the ceremony. Please see our On the Day page for further details.

There will be a drinks only reception in the Forum after your ceremony. 


General Information:


Please aim to arrive in good time for your ceremony. All graduands and guests are asked to take their seats in the Great Hall as soon as possible after the doors open (30 minutes prior to the ceremony).

For detailed travel information and directions, please see our Travel page.

Travelling to Graduation 

Please see here for details of travel options and directions for Graduation ceremonies in both Exeter and Cornwall. To look at details of travel please see 'On the day' pages for Exeter and Cornwall.

Accommodation in Exeter

Book your accommodation on site here, using the promotional code GRAD24, which gives you a discounted rate for your stay.

There are a variety of hotels and B&Bs available near to the Exeter campuses. For further information, please see the Visitor Accommodation  pages on our Accommodation website.  


For the July graduations, almost unlimited parking is available at the Cricket Club, including on the field itself  (unless extreme weather conditions dictate otherwise).  Toilet and changing facilities are provided.  Parking will be stewarded and payment (currently a £10 flat-rate for whole-day parking) should be made on arrival by cash or card.  No advance booking of parking need be made.

University Parking

There is no University parking available on campus during Graduation week except for accessible parking booked in advance. We strongly recommend that you travel to the campus by public transport where possible. There will be a drop off point located at the top of Stocker Road, opposite the Northcott Theatre, for graduands and guests arriving by taxi or car.

Other Parking

There is limited council-owned parking located on Prince of Wales Road and Streatham Drive, both of which are located on the University Campus. There is a fee for parking here, which can be paid using the street meters.

For winter graduations, limited parking will be available at Exeter Cricket Club on hard-surface parking areas (access through the Devon & Exeter Squash Club entrance in Prince of Wales Road, EX4 4PR).  Payment (£10 for the day's parking) should be made at the ticket machine or at the Squash Club bar.  The Club is only a few minutes walk from the University's centre.

For further information about car parks in Exeter please see the Council website here:

There are also a number of Park and Ride services serving the City Centre, details of which can be found here:

» Downloadable map of Streatham Campus


Please be advised that dogs (except for trained assistance dogs) are not permitted in University Buildings (including the Great Hall and Forum). We therefore strongly recommend that dogs are not brought to campus during graduation.


Streatham Campus Map

A map of the Streatham Campus can be found here: The Great Hall is marked as number 1 on the map, Devonshire House (for robing) is number 2, and the Forum is number 3. A more detailed map of the centre of campus can be found here:

Graduation-Specific Plan

A more detailed plan of Graduation-specific locations can be found here: Graduation location map (pdf)

AccessAble website

Here is a link to the AccessAble website which has a guide to the Great Hall and the Forum. It has photos of the inside of the venue, the corridors, lifts, washrooms and other features including detailed information about the accessibility of these locations.

Quiet spaces on campus

The Exehale space (Devonshire House) and Neil Cross room (first floor of the Forum Library) are both situated on our Streatham Campus and are available as quiet, reflective and calm spaces on the day. Other quiet spaces on campus can be found using the maps below:

Visit the AccessAble site for further details about University of Exeter's AccessAbility and Wellbeing services

Advance Requests

If you gave details of accessibility requirements during online registration or in advance of the ceremony, we will get in contact with you once registration has closed to discuss your preferences and confirm arrangements for you.

Please note, we have taken some additional actions to do more to make our Exeter ceremonies more accessible.

Disabled Parking

Parking for those who have requested an accessible parking space in advance will receive a parking ticket in their ticket pack, which will be sent approximately 7 days prior to the ceremony. Accessible parking is usually located in Car Park C, which can be found on this map. You will need to provide your name to the attendant on duty in the car park when you arrive.‌

Step-Free Access

For graduands, there is step-free access to the Great Hall through Main Reception, located opposite Car Park C and next to the Northcott Theatre. 

For guests, there are lifts available to access the Great Hall, which are most easily accessed from the Forum. Please follow the signs or ask a member of staff if you are unsure on the day.

Get in touch

For more information, please contact the Graduation Team 

University Outlets


OutletAvailable Refreshments
Market Place, The Forum Snacks, cold drinks, coffee, pastries, sandwiches, salads, soup and a wide range of other groceries and convenience items.  Graduation merchandise is available.
OAK Hot and cold drinks, cakes and snacks 
The Ram Bar Full menu including all the usual Ram favourites: basket meals, burgers, sandwiches, salads and of course curly fries!
Forum Kitchen Hot and cold drinks, cakes and snacks, light lunch items, afternoon tea, gin & bubbles bar
Reed Hall

Graduation Celebrations

We are open for Graduation lunches and would love you to celebrate with us. Experience a beautiful part of the campus with your loved ones and celebrate your time here at Exeter.

Please see our Graduation menu, and Book a table at Reed Hall University of Exeter with Eat App • Eat App. Reed Hall is open each day from Monday 15th July - Friday 19th July, and then Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd July.

Hot drinks and a range of snacks, light lunches, cakes and pastries in the cafe or book a table in our bar lounge Reed Hall | Eat and Shop | University of Exeter
Starbucks Hot and cold drinks, hot and cold food and snacks. 
Pret Hot and cold drinks, hot and cold food and snacks.

Other University outlets may be open on campus – please check the What’s Open Now webpages for current opening times.


Please note that large bags and suitcases are not permitted in the Great Hall and we reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone carrying an oversized bag.

A manned cloakroom will be available free of charge in the Forum on the day of Graduation where you can leave coats, bags and suitcases.

The cloakroom will be open:

Monday 15th July to Tuesday 23rd July 8:00am - 17:30pm (This does not include the weekend)

Please ensure you collect your belongings before the cloakroom closes each day.

The cloakroom will be manned all day. All items are left at your own risk and we cannot accept any liability for items left in the cloakroom.

Contact details

Our contact details are below. Should you need to contact us on the day of your ceremony, please call us.

SID Desk
University of Exeter Forum
Stocker Road Exeter

UK callers: 0300 555 0444 / International callers: +44 (0)1392 724724

In case of emergency while on campus, please contact Estate Patrol of +44 (0)1392 723999

Information for Graduands:

Dress Code

For details of how to book your academic dress, please see our Graduation Preparation page.

As well as full academic dress, graduands are required to wear smart clothes on the day of the ceremony. We kindly request that you do not wear jeans or trainers. Please ensure you wear appropriate footwear for walking up and down the stage steps.

Our robe-makers recommend clothing that accentuates the traditional gown. Suit jackets help to puff out the shoulders, giving the hood more security. Shirts with visible top buttons are highly recommended as well, as they attach to the hood via a loop, anchoring the hood and preventing it from slipping back. 

Those with long hair may wish to bring hair grips to help secure their caps.

Robe Collection 


Robes can be collected on campus from the Terrace Restaurant in Devonshire House, (number 2 on the central campus mapnext to the Forum Building. Representatives of the University's robing suppliers will be in attendance to help you when you collect your robes. If you are collecting your robes early and will not be wearing them straight away, please consider bringing your own bag to reduce the number of plastic bags used on the day. 

You can collect your robes at the following times: 

9am Ceremony:Between 4pm and 6pm the evening before your ceremony, or from 7am on the day of your ceremony. 

10am Ceremony: From 7:30am on the day of your ceremony.

11.45am Ceremony:From 9am the on the day of your ceremony. 

3pm Ceremony: From 12pm on the day of your ceremony. 

Please aim to arrive at least 1 hour before your ceremony to allow plenty of time for prior to the start of your ceremony. There is the option to collect your robes Between 4pm and 6pm the evening before your ceremony.

How to wear your robe 

Representatives from our robing supplier, Graduation Attire, will be on hand to help you when you collect your robe, however for those collecting in advance, there are also helpful video guides here: 

Robe Return 

If you have selected 1-day hire for your robe, please ensure you return your robes in the Terrace Restaurant, Devonshire House before the times below: 

9am Ceremony: Return robes by 6pm. 

10am Ceremony: Return robes by 6pm. 

11.45am Ceremony: Return robes by 6pm.

3pm Ceremony:Return robes by 7pm. 


If you have selected 7-day hire, please send this back using the Courier pre-paid returns bag provided at gown collections by the Graduation Attire team. 


There will be a late return rail and plastic boxes outside for any latecomers to drop their attire into should they not quite meet our deadlines but want to drop off the robes. 

Graduand and Guest Tickets

Your ticket pack will be emailed to you approximately 7 days before the ceremony. We recommend that you do not print the ticket packs but have them available for viewing on an electronic device. This will save on the usage of paper and reduce the need to handle documents by hand on the day. 

Graduands and guests will enter via different entrances to the Great Hall so please ensure your guests have access to their tickets to gain entry to the ceremony.

If you forget your tickets and are unable to access them on a mobile device, please come to SID in the Forum, where we can print them for you. 

Guests without Tickets

Guests who do not have tickets for the ceremony can watch the event via our live web stream on the big screen in the Forum Alumni Auditorium. Entry to the Alumni Auditorium is free: you do not require a ticket to enter, and all guests who watch the ceremony via the live stream are welcome to attend the Graduation Reception event in the Forum after the ceremony.

The ceremonies will also be live streamed on our watch the ceremonies page

Professional Photography Services 

Tempest Photography is the official photographer for the University of Exeter graduation ceremonies. They will be operating multiple studios on graduation day, which will be located inThe Sanctuary, in the Great Hall Foyer. The photography studios will be open from Monday 15th of July at 7.30am until 5.30pm each day. You are welcome to visit them at any time on your graduation day, though to avoid large queues we recommend that you visit before your ceremony. Please note that groups of seven, including the graduate, are the maximum number that can be accommodated in any one photograph. For more details of recommended photography times, please see ourTimetable page. 

You do not need to order in advance of the ceremonies - you can simply turn up to have your photographs taken, either on your own or with your guests. Instant proofs will be given to you in the studio after your photographs are taken, enabling you to choose your favourites and to place your order online or from the marquee on the Forum.

To view Tempest's range of products in advance of your ceremony, please see their website here: 

Presentation Photographs 

Tempest Photography will also be on hand to capture the moment you cross the stage and are awarded your degree by the Chancellor or his representative. You can view these on our display in our Marquee outside the Forum and copies are available to take away on the day. You can also visit after the event.

Large Group Photographs 

Immediately following the ceremony, the photographers will take a group photograph of all graduates in that ceremony. This will be taken outside on the Great Hall Piazza, or in the Great Hall in the case of inclement weather.  You can view these on our display in our Marquee outisde the Forum and copies are available to take away on the day. You can also visit after the event.


Please be advised that dogs (except for trained assistance dogs) are not permitted inside the Great Hall or the Forum. We therefore strongly recommend that dogs are not brought to campus during graduation. 

The Ceremony

Arrival at the Great Hall

Doors will open thirty minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. All Graduands and Guests are to ensure they arrive at least thirty minutes before the ceremony begins, to take their seats as soon as possible once the doors open. Please ensure you allow enough time to collect your robes before this. You can check ceremony start times here and find out more about the day's timetable here.

Your ticket will specify whether your seats are allocated in the Main Hall (Lower Floor) or Balcony (Upper Floor) within the Great Hall. Please check your tickets to find out where to go.

With the exception of guests with specific requirements (please see the 'Accessibility information' above for more details), seats for guests are unreserved. You are welcome to sit in any seat without a reserved label on it. As Graduands are seated in a separate area of the hall, it is not possible for graduands and guests to sit together.

The ceremony

Your ceremony will take place in the Great Hall on Streatham Campus and will last between 1.5 and 2 hours.

During the Ceremony

At the beginning and end of the ceremony, please stand for the entry and exit of the processions.

After the Ceremony

At the end of the ceremony, the graduates will process out of the Great Hall. We ask that guests remain in the hall until the graduates have left, at which point you may leave via the front doors and meet the graduates outside. We recommend that you arrange a meeting place away from the Great Hall to avoid overcrowding in the foyer areas.


Please be advised that dogs (except for registered assistance dogs) are not permitted inside the Great Hall or the Forum. We therefore strongly recommend that dogs are not brought to campus during graduation.



Immediately following your ceremony, all graduates and guests are invited to a free reception taking place in the Forum Street. This is a chance to celebrate with complimentary refreshments.

There will be a drinks only reception in the Forum after your ceremony.

Please note that the receptions will last for one hour following the end of the ceremony. Please see our Timetable page for further details.

Please be aware that dogs (except guide dogs) are not permitted into the Ceremony or the Receptions.

Access Information

Step-free access is available between the Great Hall and the Forum Street, either by using the slopes on the Forum Piazza, or by using the lifts inside the building. Please ask a member of staff if you are unsure.

Please note that the Forum can become very crowded during reception events, especially in wet weather. There is dedicated quiet space in the Career Zone area behind the SID Desk, and quiet rooms are available should you require one. Please ask at SID for details.

Quiet spaces on campus

The Exehale space is available as a quiet space in Devonshire House at our Streatham Campus. Other quiet spaces on campus can be found using the maps below:

Information for Guests:

Dress Code

Guests are advised to dress as if they are going to a formal occasion. We kindly request that guests do not wear large hats which may obstruct the view of other members of the congregation. We also ask that no large banners or balloons are brought into the ceremony hall.


Children are welcome to attend graduation celebrations, however due to the length of the ceremony and the formal nature of the event we do not recommend that young children are brought into the Great Hall for the ceremony. Many guests with children prefer to watch the event via the live stream in the Alumni Auditorium (please see the "Live Streaming Section" below for further details), which is a less formal event. Entry to the Alumni Auditorium is free and no tickets are required. A separate guest ticket is required for any child over the age of two who would like to watch the ceremony in the Great Hall.

Please note that we are not able to accommodate pushchairs or buggies in the Great Hall. We kindly request that buggies and pushchairs are left in the buggy store at the entrance to the Great Hall prior to the ceremony.

Graduation Live Stream

Guests without tickets to the ceremony in the Great Hall are welcome to watch the ceremony via our live web stream in the Forum Alumni Auditorium. Entry to the auditorium is free and no tickets are required to enter. 

All guests who attend the live stream event in the Alumni Auditorium are welcome to attend the Forum receptions after the ceremony and all other celebrations on campus.