Streatham Campus map

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Building information correct at September 2013.

Academic, administration and social buildings

Alexander 47 10E 
Amory 29 5H
Bill Douglas Cinema Museum 7 8G
Business School Building:One 84 6I
Byrne House 37 7K
Catholic Chaplaincy 74 3A
Clayden 54 8D
Clydesdale House (Postgraduate Centre) 63 5D
Cornwall House 32 6I
Cornwall House Swimming Pool 80 7I
Devonshire House 2 6G 
Exeter Northcott Theatre 13 5F
Family Centre 59 5E
Forum 3 6G
Geoffrey Pope 20 5F
Great Hall 1 6G
Harrison 23 4H 
Hatherly 6 7G
Henry Wellcome Building for Biocatalysis 19 5F
Hope Hall 41 7K 
Innovation Centre 25 4I
Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies 16 5E
INTO International Study Centre 83 5G
Kay Building 24 4H
Kay House Duryard 85 1A
Knightley 55 8E
Lafrowda House 33 6J
Laver 22 4G
Library 4 6H
Mary Harris Memorial Chapel 10 7F
Newman 18 5F
Northcote House 12 6F
Old Library 7 8G
Peter Chalk Centre 17 5F
Physics 21 4F
Queen’s 11 7F
Redcot 56 7D 
Reed Hall 14 6E
Reed Mews Wellbeing Centre 15 5E
Roborough 8 8F
St David's Retail Services 52 11B
Sir Christopher Ondaatje Devon Cricket Centre 77 3E
Sir Henry Wellcome Building for Mood Disorders Research 82 8F
Sports Park 60 4E
Streatham Court 31 6H
Streatham Farm 5 6H
Student Health Centre 86 6E
Tennis Centre 61 4E
Thornlea 48 10D
University Reception 1 6G
Washington Singer 9 8E
Xfi 30 5I


Birks Grange Village 66 5B
Bonhay House 53 11C
Clydesdale Court 64 5C 
Clydesdale Rise 65 4C
Cook Mews 69 4A
Duryard 72 2B
Garden Hill House 27 3J
Holland Hall 62 4D
Holland Hall Studios 62 4D
King Edward Court 68 5A
King Edward Studios 67 5A 
Lafrowda 43 7J
Lafrowda Cottage 44 8J
Lazenby  38 7L 
Llewellyn Mews 70 4A
Lopes Hall 34 6K
Mardon Hall 58 5E 
Moberly 71 3B
Nash Grove 57 5D
Northfield 75 9C
Pennsylvania Court 36 6L 
Ransom Pickard 35 6L
Rowe House 45 7J
St David’s 51 12B
St German’s 42 7K