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Peer Support Programmes

Peer Support Programmes

The University of Exeter has a variety of Peer Support programmes with different aims and configurations:

Peer learning programmes

(often called Peer Assisted Learning or Peer Assisted Study Sessions)

Peer learning programmes are curricula-based and develop learning communities within courses.

Peer Mentors lead a group of students through activities and facilitate discussion to enhance understanding of academic topics within a module or discipline. With the support of their Programme Organiser, Peer Mentors plan regular timetabled sessions around pertinent topics and use fun, informal activities to help mentees interact with eachother and in doing so, deepen their understanding.

Peer mentoring programmes

(often called Buddy Schemes)

Peer Mentors offer more general but tailored support and guidance to mentees (either 1-1 or in a small group). This mentoring may take place in person during scheduled or ad hoc meetings, online via email or Yammer, or a combination. Mentors are often matched with mentees based on their discipline, background and life experiences to ensure that the relevant guidance and lessons learned can be effectively passed on.

Find a Programme

To get involved with a programme listed below, either as a Peer Mentor or Mentee, please contact the Programme Organiser listed alongside.

Mature Student Mentoring

Support for mature students before their arrival and throughout the academic year.

Tom Allars

CMH BAME Mentoring

Support for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students in the College of Medicine and Health.

Maisha Reza

Care Leaver & Estranged Student Mentoring

Support for Care Leavers and estranged students.

Coming soon

Careers Peer Mentoring

Careers-related mentoring and guidance for students.

Oliver Laity



Global Chums

Support for International students.

Visit the Global Chums webpage

Flexible Combined Honours

Support for students on Flexible Combined Honours courses

Marion Gibson



CLES Buddy Up

Support for students in disciplines across the college.

Tabzz Moore



Psychology: Introduction to Statistics (PSY1205)

Academic support for students taking the PSY1205 module.

Yuhan Ooi

Biosciences (Penryn)

Academic support for Biosciences students in Penryn.

Andrew Pye & Ella Simpson



Mathematics (Streatham)

Academic support for students on 1st year core modules in Exeter.

Gihan Marasingha



CEMPS Buddy Up 

Support for 1st year CEMPS students.

Hakim Layal

Physics Buddy Scheme

Support for 1st year Physics students.

Hannah Nagle



Renewable Energy (Penryn)

Academic support for 1st year Renewable Energy students.

Anna Middlewick

English and Film Studies

Academic support for students taking the EAS1032 module.

Jo Esra


Academic support for 1st year History students.

Frejya Jensen

Modern Foreign Languages

Academic support for Language students.

Juan Garcia Precedo


Online support for 1st year Archaeology students.

Hannah Britton


Support for 1st year Drama students.

Emily Kreider

Humanities (Penryn)

Support for 1st year Humanities students (Penryn).

James Kelly



SPA Buddy Scheme

Support for Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology students.

Bryanna Kilroy





Law Transition2HE

Support for students who meet 1+ of the following: from a 'Low Participation Neighbourhood', BAME, estranged from family (e.g. Care Leaver), have a physical disability, have a mental health condition, International student.

Anne Herbert

Law Syndicates

Academic support for Law students

Alice Venn

Politics (Penryn)

Support for 1st year Politics students (Penryn).

Anna Middlewick

Medical Sciences

Academic support for 1st year Medical Sciences students.

David MacDonald

Medical Sciences (Y3 -> Y2)

Academic support for 2nd year Medical Sciences students.

Maryam Imran

Neuroscience PALs

Academic support for 1st year Neuroscience students led by 2nd and 3rd years.

Natalia Arendarczyk



UEBS Buddy Up Scheme

Support for Accounting, Management and Economics students

Alison Truelove