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Being a Peer Mentor counts towards the work experience / volunteering section of the Exeter Award. Fill out your Exeter Award profile with your Peer Mentor experience and a brief description of duties.

Peer Mentors

All Mentors will belong to a Peer Support programme (either Academic or Pastoral) and will be matched with mentee(s) seeking support on that programme.

Depending on your programme, you could be:

  • leading activity-based peer learning sessions to a group within your discipline
  • mentoring a student 1-1 with settling in to University
  • offering online support to new students before their arrival


Once you have signed up, you will be invited to our Peer Support training session covering your responsibilities and introducing you to fellow Mentors. 

While each programme varies, the main expectations and codes of practice are the same:

  • Meet with your Mentee(s) (details specified by your programme)
  • Complete the Workflow (current UG and PGT students only)

Mentors who are current students will also have access to our Peer Mentor resources.

You are not a teacher, or academic counsellor – simply a guide who has been through the university process and is there to help!

  1. Browse the list of programmes already running and choose the one you would like to be a Mentor on
  2. Contact the Programme Organiser listed to find out when they are recruiting

You may find multiple programmes you could be involved in, so choose whichever you prefer. There is no limit to how many times you can be a Mentor, so you can always be a Mentor in one programme in 2nd year and return as a Mentor in a different programme in final year!


Got a question:

As a Mentor, you can gain valuable skills including leadership, time management, team building and communication. 

In addition, we offer the following recognitions. Please note: these are only applicable to Mentors who will be current students throughout their role.


  • Complete the Peer Mentor Workflow and have your Mentor status listed in HEAR upon graduating (HEAR-applicable students only)
  • Count being a Peer Mentor towards the Exeter Award (UG students only)
  • Invites to Peer Support events throughout the year
  • Further opportunities including applying for AFHEA (UG students only) and being involved in regional Peer Support Networks

Previous Mentors have gone on to jobs and studies in:

  • teaching
  • further education
  • and much more!