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Being a Peer Mentor counts towards the work experience / volunteering section of the Exeter Award. Fill out your Exeter Award profile with your Peer Mentor experience and a brief description of duties.

Peer Mentor Workflow

Peer Mentor Workflow

This 'workflow' is this list of tasks for all Peer Mentors to complete. 

Complete all tasks by our deadline (Friday 4th April 2025) to have your role as a Peer Mentor listed on your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) if you are eligible for HEAR*. Please note, some tasks have individual deadlines which are outlined below.

If you are completing our optional AFHEA Workflow, you will also need to complete the Peer Mentor Workflow by 4th April.

Unsure how and when you will receive your HEAR record? Contact the HEAR team

* All undergraduates and postgraduate taught students graduating from Exeter are eligible for HEAR. 


For more information about completing the Workflow and how to check your Workflow progress, please look at our Workflow tips and guidance. If you have any further queries, please email us at


Peer Mentor Workflow 2024/25

You can complete these tasks in any order, but this is the recommended order. 

Complete your application to become a Peer Mentor on a Peer Support programme. Please contact the Programme Organiser for the scheme you wish to apply for to get the application link.

This task will take between 1-2 hours in your own time. It covers the basics of peer mentoring and needs to be completed even if you have been a Mentor previously. 

How to complete the Training and Quiz:

Step 1: Watch the training videos and engage with the activities on our Mentor Sharepoint

Step 2: Submit our quiz to show you understand the content and ask any questions you have. Your training will not be marked as complete if this is not submitted. 

You will receive a confirmation email once this is complete which you can keep for your records as proof of completion.

If you do not complete your training before your scheme's deadline, you will not be matched with Mentees and will be withdrawn from the scheme. 

This task should take up to 15 minutes per check-in.

You only need to complete a check-in form for the terms you mentor in: for example, if you are a Mentor in Term 1 but not in Term 2, please only submit the Term 1 register. It is not a problem if you submit a register for a term you did not mentor in, as you will be asked about whether you mentored or not. However, if you do not submit any check-in forms, we will not mark this task as complete. 

Please complete this form regardless of what scheme(s) you are on. Some schemes ask you to take registers, especially if Mentors deliver sessions in groups. However, we ask you to individually check-in as a Mentor so we can find out how things are going for you and address any issues or queries you have. 

The Term 1 and Term 2 check-in forms will appear here in due course, and we will email all Mentors signed up to notify you of this and the individual deadlines for each check-in. 

This task will take up to 15 minutes. It is an evaluation form which asks about how you found your experience as a Peer Mentor, as well as giving you the chance to reflect. 

Please only complete this task when you have finished (or nearly finished, if completing in Term 2) your mentoring. 

Fill and submit in this evaluation form to complete the task. The form will be live from December 2024 and you will receive an email confirmation when you have completed it. 

Deadline for the entire Workflow: 4th April 2025 

Please note: the Training and check-in forms have individual deadlines. The check-in form deadlines are listed beside each form link above, but your training deadline will be chosen by your scheme and communicated with you. 

Optional: AFHEA Workflow

Interested in remaining in the higher education sector, including future study or employment? Becoming an Associate Fellow is an excellent way of making your application stand out.

You can use your work as a Peer Mentor towards becoming an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (now known as Advance HE). This opportunity is open to all Mentors, who will need to complete the AFHEA Workflow in addition to the Peer Mentor Workflow

If you are a postgraduate research Peer Mentor, you may prefer to apply to become an Associate Fellow through the LTHE

Mentors and SPPOs can find out more about applying for AFHEA in 2024/25 on our Mentor Sharepoint.