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Attending 3 Peer Support sessions counts towards the Exeter Award ('Other Activities').

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Mentees are usually 1st year undergraduate students (unless specified differently on your Peer Support programme) gaining support from higher year students (Mentors).

Peer Mentors provide a safe space for you to ask questions, collaborate with others and explore different aspects of life at University.

Depending on your programme, you could be:

  • attending activity-based peer learning sessions around academic topics within your discipline
  • gaining support as you settle in to University
  • receiving online support before and during your arrival

Once recruited onto your Peer Support programme, you will be matched with Mentor(s) who will arrange to meet with you. 

  1. Browse the list of programmes already running and choose the one you would like to be mentored on
  2. Contact the Programme Organiser listed to find out if they are looking for Mentees.

Programmes recruit Mentees at different stages in the academic year, and so it is always worth getting in touch to see whether the Programme Organisers can help you. 

You may find multiple programmes you could be involved in, so choose whichever you prefer. 


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  • Attending 3 Peer Mentoring sessions counts towards the Exeter Award
  • Learn from the experience of others and increase your social and academic confidence
  • Make new friends on your course
  • Meet new people across year groups

Mentees often subsequently use their experience to become Mentors themselves.