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LGBTQI+ Support

Wellbeing Services strive to offer diverse and inclusive support to our student community, and we recognise that LGBTQI+ students will have the same concerns as any university student - sometimes with extra challenges. We are committed to ensuring that all students feel represented and able to reach out to us.

If you would like to access support, we encourage you to book a Drop-In appointment by calling us on 01392 724381 or emailing us at This is a 20 minute appointment with a Wellbeing practitioner to discuss your situation and how we can help, with the best next steps for you to take explained.

Below are some links for more information about policies, guidance and support that might be of interest to our LGBTQI+ students.

We can also support you if you feel discriminated against, bullied or harassed by anyone at the university. You can report any incidents, whether you'veexperienced them or witnessed them, and the Wellbeing team can offer you a space to talk about and process any incident of this nature.