Spreytonway redevelopment update

The redevelopment of the Spreytonway site is a natural extension of the eastern Residential Community of Lafrowda, St German’s, Rowe, Lopes and Pennsylvania Court. Spreytonway House is currently derelict and has been disused for a number of years. The redevelopment offers an efficient use of the land and will provide 131 high-quality bedrooms.  

The planning application for the Spreytonway student accommodation redevelopment has now been approved by Exeter City Council and a project plan is currently being developed. Further updates will follow once the start dates for the development have been finalised.

The proposals have evolved through two consultations – in July and December 2016 - with the local community, residents, staff and students. We appreciate the engagement from everyone who has taken an interest in the proposals. The feedback has been listened to and the designs updated, where workable, to accommodate the views of the range of participants in the consultations.

The revised plans shown in December 2016

  • The proposals now provide 131 bedrooms in a single building.
  • The footprint of the building is now stepped to allow the building to sit sensitively with the trees.
  • There is an increased provision of social space in the lower ground floor.
  • Two flats have been included which are designed to accommodate users in larger powered wheelchairs.
  • Cycle storage has been taken out of the building and will be provided in external stores.
  • The external route through the building has been eliminated.

For further information, please email us at residencefeedback@exeter.ac.uk.