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Funding for students

We can help students receive funding for their projects and studies through a variety of methods.

Thousands of alumni and supporters of the University help current students through generous donations to the Alumni Annual Fund, by giving gifts of time or money in order to enhance the student experience.

To be awarded funding, projects must demonstrate that they will enhance the experience across the wider student community, benefitting current and future generations and making Exeter an even better place to live and study.

A wide range of projects are supported every year – for example they may allow new innovations within academic contexts, provide new equipment for sports clubs or societies or enable new activities to be piloted.

Further information, Apply for Funding and FAQs

Do you have a project which requires funding?

Your application should demonstrate the following criteria:

  1. It will enhance the student experience at Exeter
  2. It will impact a large audience of students (25 or more)

Preference is given to projects which:

  • Directly benefit students’ academic studies, career prospects or extracurricular activities.
  • Demonstrate that other active fundraising has taken place or part-funding is already available.
  • Are start-up initiatives or new activities which will become self-funding or achieve alternative funding or support in the future.

In addition, it is also encouraged that projects are able to show they can help to promote Exeter on a national/international scale and may create or improve links with the local community.

These criteria are set because the University has a responsibility to its donors for the accountability and management of philanthropic gifts and to ensure that donations are being spent in accordance with donors’ wishes and the core values of the Annual Fund.

The Alumni Annual Fund does not:

  • Provide funding for a single student to undertake activities or acquire resources (including PhD studentships). Preference is given to projects which will substantially benefit a large number of students or the University as a whole, rather than to a smaller group.
  • Support projects which are the responsibility of the University centrally, or replace funding which ought to be provided through budgeting for on-going core activities. Therefore, the following are not normally considered: subsidy for fundamental items or activities which are an expected and predictable provision rather than an enhancement to what could normally be offered, or day to day running costs for on-going activities previously funded from core budgets. For example, the Annual Fund will not support attendance at a conference which is a course requirement.
  • Fund social events (e.g. end of year dinners).
  • Support projects which are not linked to the University and therefore we cannot accept applications to support external charities.
  • Consider applications for projects that have already been funded by us for three years or more.

Do you have an interesting idea or project? Do you need funding for it? The University has its very own crowdfunding platform, managed by Global Advancement where students and staff can put forward a project for crowdfunding.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a project raising lots of small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the internet. Donors pledge a donation to your project and in exchange they receive non-monetary rewards such as a postcard, ticket, sweatshirt or invitation to a show.

Benefits of using the University’s Crowdfunding Platform

  • It’s free! We cover all fees and costs for you so that you can receive 100% of your pledges
  • You may also receive Gift Aid on top of your pledges
  • Matchfunding is sometimes available – for every £ raised you may receive another £ (certain criteria apply)
  • You will receive help and support along the way from our Fundraising team – from designing your page, creating your pitch and promoting your project
  • Counts towards the Exeter Award

Suitable projects

Projects can be about anything, but should focus on the benefit they will provide to the student or University community (unfortunately we cannot raise money for external charities).

Crowdfunding works really well when done correctly, but the success of your project is down to you. The more dedicated, creative and organised you are, the more likely you are to hit your target. It takes time and effort, but can have a huge impact.

Examples of suitable projects include:

  • New equipment for a sports club or society
  • Theatrical performances or film productions
  • Trips and expeditions
  • Competition entry
  • Entrepreneurship and social enterprise
  • Academic research
  • Conferences and events
  • Community and volunteering projects

Success stories:

To set up your page, visit our Crowdfunding site

For more information or guidance, please contact the Regular Giving Team on

Many talented prospective undergraduate and research students are able to come to Exeter thanks to alumni, who through their generosity support individual scholarships and studentship programmes.

For more information on what scholarship opportunities are available please: