Internships are:

  • Paid employment opportunities reserved for UoE students and graduates.
  • Responsibilities where the intern can support or lead a project, process or people.
  • The opportunity to apply and develop the intern's skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Training and support from understanding employers
  • Valuable experience to aid the interns career development. 

University of Exeter managed schemes:

Graduate Business Partnership (GBP)
Aids South West employers (University recruiting managers or local business), recruit recent graduates, into full-time roles.

Student Business Partnership (SBP)
Assists local business recruit students into part-time, term-time roles and summer internships.

Student Campus Partnership (SCP)
Helps University of Exeter recruiting managers, find the best student for part-time, term-time roles and summer internships.

Employer subsidies- Access to Internships (A2I)
Provides funding to subsidise the cost of employing University of Exeter students and graduates. 

Pathways to International Trade                                                                                                                                                    Students trained in international trade, by Department of International Trade, offering a 1 week paid internship.

Pathways to Arts, Culture and Heritage                                                                                                                                  Students trained in arts, culture and heritage by The RAMM Museum and partners, offering a 1 week paid internship.

Contact us

Our Employment Services team would welcome a discussion on your internship opportunity. Please contact:

Jo McCreedie
Employer Liaison Officer (Streatham Campus, Exeter)
Tel: 01392 722617