Dates and schedules

Winter Graduation 2017:

Saturday 16th December 2017 (Exeter campus only)

Exeter ceremonies timetable

Ceremonies will take place in the Great Hall on Streatham Campus.

Joint Honours and Flexible Combined Honours students: you will graduate in the ceremony for your major subject (the subject you have achieved the most credits in). 

Saturday 16 December  


Ceremony 1

College of Life and Environmental Sciences



Ceremony 2

College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences

College of Humanities

Medical School


Ceremony 3

Business School



Ceremony 4

College of Social Sciences and International Studies (except Law)

Exeter ceremonies by subject

Ceremonies will take place in the Great Hall on Streatham Campus

Programme Ceremony Time
Accountancy Ceremony 3 2.15pm
Accounting and Finance Ceremony 3 2.15pm
Accounting and Taxation Ceremony 3 2.15pm
Accounting Studies Ceremony 3 2.15pm
Ancient History Ceremony 2 11.30am
Animal Behaviour Ceremony 1 9.00am
Anthrozoology Ceremony 4 4.45pm
Applied Ecology  Ceremony 1 9.00am
Applied Geotechnics  Ceremony 2 11.30am
Applied Health Services Research  Ceremony 2 11.30am
Applied Security and Strategy Ceremony 4 4.45pm
Arab and Islamic Studies Ceremony 4 4.45pm
Archaeology Ceremony 2 11.30am
Art History and Visual Culture Ceremony 2 11.30am
Behavioural Economics and Finance Ceremony 3 2.15pm
Bioarchaeology Ceremony 2 11.30am
Biochemistry Ceremony 1 9.00am
Biological Sciences Ceremony 1 9.00am
Business and Management Ceremony 3 2.15pm
Business Economics Ceremony 3 2.15pm
Business Studies Ceremony 3 2.15pm
Civil Engineering Ceremony 2 11.30am
Classical Studies Ceremony 2 11.30am
Classics Ceremony 2 11.30am
Clinical Education Ceremony 2 11.30am
Clinical Leadership & Trans Service Change Ceremony 1 9.00am
Clinical Practice Ceremony 1 9.00am
Clinical Psychology Ceremony 1 9.00am
Clinical Research Ceremony 1 9.00am
Computational Finance Ceremony 2 11.30am
Computer Science Ceremony 2 11.30am
Conflict, Security and Development Ceremony 4 4.45pm
Conservation and Biodiversity  Ceremony 1 9.00am
Conservation Science and Policy Ceremony 1 9.00am
Creative Writing Ceremony 2 11.30am
Critical Human Geographies Ceremony 1 9.00am
Drama Ceremony 2 11.30am
Earth Resources  Ceremony 2 11.30am
Economic and Social History Ceremony 2 11.30am
Economics Ceremony 3 2.15pm
Education Ceremony 4 4.45pm
Electronic Engineering Ceremony 2 11.30am
Engineering Ceremony 2 11.30am
English Ceremony 2 11.30am
Environment and Human Health Ceremony 2 11.30am
Environmental Science Ceremony 1 9.00am
Ethno-Political Studies Ceremony 4 4.45pm
European Politics Ceremony 4 4.45pm
Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology Ceremony 1 9.00am
Exercise and Sport Sciences Ceremony 1 9.00am
Experimental Archaeology Ceremony 2 11.30am
Extreme Medicine Ceremony 2 11.30am
Film Ceremony 2 11.30am
Finance Ceremony 3 2.15pm
Financial Analysis and Fund Management Ceremony 3 2.15pm
Financial Economics Ceremony 3 2.15pm
Financial Mathematics Ceremony 2 11.30am
Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture  Ceremony 1 9.00am
French Ceremony 2 11.30am
Genomic Medicine Ceremony 2 11.30am
Geography Ceremony 1 9.00am
Geology Ceremony 2 11.30am
Health and Wellbeing Ceremony 1 9.00am
Health Services Improvement (PT) Ceremony 2 11.30am
History Ceremony 2 11.30am
Human Biosciences Ceremony 1 9.00am
Human Resource Management Ceremony 3 2.15pm
Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Ceremony 1 9.00am
Information Technology Management for Business Ceremony 2 11.30am
International Film Business Ceremony 2 11.30am
International Management (12) Ceremony 3 2.15pm
International Relations Ceremony 4 4.45pm
International Supply Chain Management Ceremony 2 11.30am
International Tourism Management Ceremony 3 2.15pm
Islamic Studies Ceremony 4 4.45pm
Kurdish Studies Ceremony 4 4.45pm
Latin American Studies  Ceremony 2 11.30am
Law Ceremony 3 2.15pm
Leadership Studies Ceremony 3 2.15pm
Management Ceremony 3 2.15pm
Marketing Ceremony 3 2.15pm
Materials Engineering Ceremony 2 11.30am
Mathematics Ceremony 2 11.30am
Mechanical Engineering Ceremony 2 11.30am
Medical History Ceremony 2 11.30am
Medical Studies Ceremony 2 11.30am
Medicine Ceremony 2 11.30am
Medieval Studies Ceremony 2 11.30am
Middle East and Islamic Studies Ceremony 4 4.45pm
Middle East Politics Ceremony 4 4.45pm
Mindfulness-based Approaches Ceremony 1 9.00am
Mining Engineering Ceremony 2 11.30am
Mining Geology Ceremony 2 11.30am
Modern Languages Ceremony 2 11.30am
Money and Banking Ceremony 3 2.15pm
Offshore Renewable Energy Ceremony 2 11.30am
One Planet Ceremony 3 2.15pm
Paediatric Exercise and Health Ceremony 1 9.00am
Palestine Studies Ceremony 4 4.45pm
Performance Practice Ceremony 2 11.30am
PGCE Ceremony 4 4.45pm
Philosophy Ceremony 4 4.45pm
Physics Ceremony 2 11.30am
Politics Ceremony 4 4.45pm
Psychological Research Methods Ceremony 1 9.00am
Psychological Therapies Practice Ceremony 1 9.00am
Psychology Ceremony 1 9.00am
Public Administration Ceremony 4 4.45pm
Renewable Energy Ceremony 2 11.30am
Science and Technology Studies Ceremony 4 4.45pm
Security, Conflict and Justice Ceremony 4 4.45pm
Social & Organisational Psychology Ceremony 1 9.00am
Socio-Legal Research Ceremony 3 2.15pm
Sociology Ceremony 4 4.45pm
Spanish and Arabic Ceremony 2 11.30am
Sport and Health Sciences Ceremony 1 9.00am
Structural Engineering Ceremony 2 11.30am
Survey and Land Environment Management Ceremony 2 11.30am
Sustainable Development Ceremony 1 9.00am
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Ceremony 4 4.45pm
Theatre Practice Ceremony 2 11.30am
Theology Ceremony 2 11.30am
Translation Ceremony 2 11.30am
Water Engineering Ceremony 2 11.30am