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The Henderson Lecture Theatre

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Research Speed Updating

Short, interesting insights into research around the University

A Research Services research event
Date24 October 2012
Time14:00 to 14:45
PlaceThe Henderson Lecture Theatre

XFi Building. Video links available at Peter Lanyon Lecture Theatre 10, Tremough and Baring Court 212, St Lukes.

This session will form a part of Open Access week - see below for more details.

What is Speed Updating?

  • Interesting four-minute research talks with tea, coffee and cake.
  • Aimed at University researchers and research-facing staff (we're not picky though if you're interested come along)
  • Presided over by a squeaky carrot (with some assistance from Sean Fielding, Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer)

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Susan Banducci
Data citation: why do it?

Elena Isayev
Ancient history meets contemporary life and art: the Future Memory in Places project

Chris Cooper
The case (study) of the Open Access protocol: or an example of the need for speed

Darren Soanes
The need for Open Access in bioinformatics

Richard Everson
Tracking crickets and cows

Tim Harries:
Title TBC

Open Access week

‌The University of Exeter will be celebrating Open Access Week with a variety of talks, debates and workshops on the Streatham, St Luke's and Cornwall Campuses. The timetables for these events are available here.

Don't miss out on presentations from key players in the Open Access movement, the opportunity to ask them questions and the chance to find out how Open Access movement affects you and your research.

ProviderResearch Services
OrganizerPete Hodges

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