Professor Philip Ingham

The Living Systems Institute

Building research power to tackle global challenges

Professor Philip Ingham, FMedSci FRS (Director of the Living Systems Institute)

Addressing today’s global challenges requires new approaches and fresh perspectives that can transcend conventional research boundaries and generate new solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Professor Philip Ingham FRS has joined the University as the inaugural Director of the Living Systems Institute (LSI), a £52 million world-class facility designed to foster a dynamic, interactive multi-disciplinary research community.

A world renowned developmental geneticist, Professor Ingham is recognized for his pioneering studies of cell signaling in the developing embryo, and in particular of the Hedgehog signalling pathway, one of the key systems that orchestrates the embryonic development of most animal species. Identified as one of the 24 Milestones in Developmental Biology in the last 100 years by the leading scientific journal, Nature, his co-discovery of the ‘Sonic Hedgehog’ gene, helped uncover the important links between embryonic development and cancer and led to the establishment of a biotechnology company that spearheaded the development of the first targeted therapy for non-melanoma skin cancer.

Linked to our Global Vision 2050 project and our Research Strategy, both of which seek to grow our global research capability, the LSI embodies our long-term commitment and investment in research to solve global challenges from a scientific, societal and cultural perspective. Professor Ingham brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to Exeter to build upon some of our existing strengths in unravelling the molecular bases of disease. He will lead the LSI in realising its vision of creating an interdisciplinary environment in which engineers, physicists, mathematicians and biologists work together with clinical researchers to uncover the fundamental processes underlying diseases and deliver solutions of true global value and impact.