Paying for open access

You may wish to publish as open access on the publisher website, immediately upon online publication. This usually requires payment to the publisher of an open access Article Processing Charge (APC) and is sometimes referred to as “gold” open access. A licence guiding reuse will be applied, such as one of the Creative Commons licences, of which the most liberal is CC BY

Paid open access includes all articles published in fully open access journals and individual articles published as open access in hybrid journals. Publishing in a hybrid journal, you can choose to whether to pay for open access on the publisher website. If you do not pay, your article will be published on a traditional (subscription) basis, behind a log in / paywall.

Even if you do not pay for open access, most publishers allow you to make your accepted manuscript open access by uploading via Symplectic to the institutional repository ORE (self-archiving).

Funder requirements for paid open access

You may be able to meet your funder open access requirements by uploading your accepted manuscript via Symplectic to ORE and/or funder designated repository e.g. PubMed Central, if required. The publisher may impose an embargo - a period of time before the article can be made available as open access in the repository. If the journal embargo exceeds the maximum embargo allowed by your funder, you may need to pay for open access in order to comply.

Who pays for open access?

Your funder may pay for open access, either through your research grant, or via central funds provided to the institution. The University of Exeter has central open access funds, administered by the Open Research team:

  1. UK Research Councils open access block grant - for research funded by the UK Research Councils.
  2. Charity Open Access Fund (COAF) - for research funded by COAF partner charities.
  3. Institutional APC Fund - for papers that have no other funding to pay for open access.

To apply to one of these funds, submit an open access funding request upon acceptance.

In addition to charging journal subscription fees and open access APCs, some publishers also charge other publication charges including publication fees (not open access), page, colour or figure charges.

Check the terms and conditions of your research grant to discover whether these are eligible costs.

Other publication charges have not been permitted to be included in UK Research Council grant applications since 01 April 2013 and are likely therefore not to be eligible to be charged to current UK Research Council grants. These charges may be paid from the UK Research Councils open access block grant administered by the Open Research team. Submit a publication charges funding request to apply.

If you have no funding to pay publication charges, you may wish to request a waiver from the publisher. Many publishers only charge for printing in colour and offer colour "online only" free of charge. It is important to determine how you will pay publication charges, should your article be accepted, before submitting to a journal that charges these.