About Research Services

Research Services is the hub of all research activities at the University of Exeter. 

We provide central support for activities including:

  • The management and growth of the University of Exeter’s research income.
  • Research policy, and the
  • Research Excellence Framework.

You can contact Research Services for help whether you are:

  • A researcher looking for assistance with a grant application.
  • Or just interested in research activity at the University of Exeter.


  • Deliver professional advice and project management services to support our academic Colleges and project partners.
  • Provide services to support research monitoring and benchmarking.
  • Manage the University of Exeter’s communications, relationships, events and networks for research.

We are experts in:

  • Coordinating complex collaborative research initiatives.
  • Developing research contracts with industry, EU and government.

We are valued by our colleagues and partners because:

  • We identify opportunities and deliver robust solutions.
  • We manage projects professionally to improve chances of success and growth.
  • We are well connected and widely informed.
  • We own our clients’ concerns and aspirations.

To find out more about the support we could offer you please see one of our websites:

  • Research Toolkit - help and advice for University of Exeter academics at every step of the research process.
  • Inspiring research - our research focuses on some of the most fundamental issues facing humankind today, from climate change to conflicts in the Middle East. Our interdisciplinary research themes consider some of the big issues of the 21 centaury from human as well as physical perspectives.