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Customer Service: Excellent Customer Service and You


Who is it for?

This Course is for you if....

You already understand the importance of excellent customer service but have not yet had the opportunity to attend any previous customer service training in the University.

What is it about?

This course will validate what you already know about excellent service and provide a useful refresher on the skills, behaviours and attitudes that are required.

What will I get out of it?

You will get a greater understanding of how excellent customer service is an essential part of the University strategy.

You will look at how to utilise your skills to deliver it well in your own area.

There will be opportunities to share good practice and top tips with others across the University.

You will have time to practice some real life service situations and discuss how best to handle them.

You will form an action plan to take away with you with some great ideas of how to improve service in your area following the last session `What am I going to do differently?'

Course overview:

This workshop delivers, as its core, learning and development that addresses the following 'Customer First' (a national standard for customer service) statements: 1) We build successful long-term relationships with our customers.

2) We identify our customers' needs at the first point of contact with us.

4) We clearly specify what our customers can expect from the service we provide to them.

5) We deliver services to our customers in a timely manner or within agreed timeframes.

26) Our people have the necessary skills to effectively understand and meet customer needs.

29) Our people have training and development which is evaluated to ensure it has a positive impact on customer delivery.

30) We act in the best interests of our customers at all times.

In addition you will:.

- Learn how to identify ALL our customers and why this is important.

- Explore good customer service and what it looks like (including the University's commitments to Equality and Diversity).

- Examine why we all need to engage with customer service and where this fits with the University's strategy.

- Learn about the Four Customer Service Behaviours and how to balance your people and technical skills; identifying the skills required to deliver excellent customer service.

- Apply all of these skills to realistic scenarios.

- Create a Personal Action Plan: what am I going to do differently?.

Is there anything I need to do before attending?


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We also offer further development of customer service skills in teams through our workshop `Working Together to Deliver Excellent Customer Service'.

Do I get a qualification?

No accreditation.



Previous attendees said:

"made me re-think what I do when I talk to colleagues".

"This course has reminded me what it's like to do a really good job".

"I thought I was pretty good at helping students but I see now that I've got some work to do".

"Tracy is an excellent tutor and I enjoyed myself and learned a lot, even though I don't usually like training courses".

Learning provider:

This course is delivered by Red Door Coaching and Training Ltd please contact

This course is administered by Staff Learning & Development, please contact for any queries.

Cancellation Charge:

Cancellation with less than 2 weeks notice will incur a charge of #50.00 to your College Professional Service as per our cancellation policy:

19/06/2015 Streatham: Old Library Training Room 2 (Professional Development Suite) 09:30 12:30 Fully booked
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