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Customer Service: Working Together to Deliver Excellent Customer Service


Who is it for?

This course is for you if you have had previous Customer Service training at the University or are new to the University and have a strong customer focus background.

What is it about?

During this course you will focus on how teams can work together to deliver great customer service.

There is a brief refresher on the four Customer Service Behaviours and the Psychology of Service and the impact you have on service outcomes through your behaviour and attitude.

You will examine the benefits of effective customer communications and share top tips of how to make this happen with both internal and external customers.

You will also investigate ways of making this `excellent delivery' a way of working in your teams and how to encourage others to do it too.

We will use actual work based situations to make this learning practical and relevant.

Lastly you will explore how to turn complaints into opportunities with some final personal action planning.

What will I get out of it?

The course will help you manage your teams with practical solutions and can help you to deal with challenging service situations, helping you to utilise your customer service skills to greater effect.

Please ensure that you have completed the short pre work to get the most from this session.

The course does this by giving you the opportunity to share best practice with others and develop personal actions to take away.

It will enable you to look at your area and think about your own internal and external customers and how they are all linked.

The focus is always on what you can do about it.

You will learn about what works in all different types of communication and what doesn't and will give you the time to reflect on how that looks in your area.

You will understand your role in promoting excellent customer service in your part of the University and be equipped to do this.

Finally you will be able to work in teams with real situations to turn complaints into opportunities and create an action plan.

Course overview:

This workshop delivers learning and development that addresses the following 'Customer First' (a national standard for customer service) statements:.

1) We build successful long-term relationships with our customers.

2) We identify our customers' needs at the first point of contact with us.

4) We clearly specify what our customers can expect from the service we provide to them.

5) We deliver services to our customers in a timely manner or within agreed timeframes.

24) We ensure we recruit the right people with a customer focused attitude by using effective and appropriate recruitment methods in line with equality of opportunity principles.

25) Our people understand their role within our organisation and are clear about what we expect from them.

26) Our people have the necessary skills to effectively understand and meet customer needs.

29) Our people have training and development which is evaluated to ensure it has a positive impact on customer delivery.

30) We act in the best interests of our customers at all times.

In addition you will cover.

- Be reminded of the four behaviours, the balanced approach needed and the important attitude choices we make when we come to work.

- Learn how to empower great service in others.

- Learn what Effective Customer Communications look like internally and externally.

- Explore bespoke case studies to apply the learning immediately.

- Learn how to turn Complaints into Opportunities.

- Do some Action Planning.

Is there anything I need to do before attending?


Please doing the following before attending.

1) Think about the service that your team/dept provides.

How would you rate it on a scale of 1-10 (10 is the best).

What stops it from being a 10? Be prepared to provide some evidence.

2) Bring at least one service situation that we can discuss in the group - this may be something that is always happening and remains unsolved or has happened and could have been dealt with better.

3) Make notes and bring these with you.

You may also like There are a number of good resources on You e-Develop.

These can be found under customer focus in the tab support for competencies.

Do I get a qualification?

? No.


No assessment.

Previous attendees said:

"Red Door offer so many interesting pointers and reminders in their short course".

"I have taken away a number of ideas to help my team and, I must confess, myself too!".

"Friendly, considerate, refreshing".

Learning provider:

This course is delivered by Red Door Coaching and Training Ltd, please contact

This course is administered by People Development, please contact for any queries.

This course occurs on the following dates
10/12/2015 Penryn: Du Maurier Building, Seminar D 09:30 13:00 Tracy Francksen 9
12/01/2016 Streatham: Old Library Training Room 3 (Professional Development Suite) 13:30 16:30 Tracy Francksen 10
13/05/2016 Streatham: Old Library Training Room 2 (Professional Development Suite) 09:30 12:30 Tracy Francksen 12

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Please ensure you have permission from your line manager to attend.