Find out about your maternity pay entitlements.

Maternity leave and pay

Maternity leave

All employees are entitled to take up to one year’s/52 weeks' maternity leave, regardless of length of service with the University. Although it is up to you to decide how much of the 52 weeks’ maternity leave you wish to take, the law requires that a minimum of two weeks’ leave from date of childbirth must be taken.

To qualify for maternity leave and pay you must remain in employment until the 11th week before the week in which your baby is due (ie approx 29 weeks' pregnant).

Legally there is no distinction between stillbirths after a pregnancy lasting into the 25th week and live births.

Maternity pay

Maternity leave and pay are separate entitlements. Find out about maternity pay.

What happens to my annual leave?

For full details regarding annual leave before, during and after a period of maternity leave, please see our Annual leave page.

What happens to my salary sacrifice arrangements?

Information about what happens to salary sacrifice arrangements (eg childcare vouchers, car lease, car parking permit, your pension) while on maternity leave is available on our salary sacrifice page.

Should I keep in touch while I'm on maternity leave?

To find out about staying in contact and Keep in Touch days while on maternity leave, see our contact and KIT days page.