You can use the maternity entitlements calculator to obtain a personalised summary of your entitlements.

Maternity entitlements and forms

How much maternity leave and pay am I entitled to?

For babies due or born on or after 6th April 2018.

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For babies born before 6th April 2018.

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For all staff see below;

Your Human Resources Business Partner will arrange to meet with you in order to discuss your maternity leave arrangements and answer any queries you may have about the process. They will provide the application for maternity leave (MATFORM), you will then need to complete and return it to Human Resources.

In order to complete the MATFORM, you and your Head of Discipline/line manager will need to talk about:

  • when you are going to start your maternity leave. This can be any time from 11 weeks before your baby is due (ie approx 29 weeks' pregnant), but may start automatically if you are off sick with a pregnancy related illness in the four weeks before your baby is due. If you are off work with a pregnancy-related illness prior to this, you will be paid in the same way as for any other type of illness. Maternity Leave will also commence the day after your baby is born if this is an earlier date than the one you specified.
  • when you will take any annual leave. As a minimum, you are required to take the annual leave you have accrued up to the date you commence your maternity leave, eg if you wish to commence your maternity leave on 1 February, you should have taken 1/12th of your leave entitlement. However, your manager may agree to allow you to take more than the period accrued up to the start of your maternity leave. You will continue to accrue annual leave during the period of maternity leave which can be taken when your maternity leave finishes and you return to work. Leave should be taken within the year in which it is accrued, except in those circumstances where your period of maternity leave continues into the next calendar year (and, therefore, a new annual leave year). In such cases, any outstanding leave may be carried forward to the following year, providing it is taken in full, immediately following the period of maternity leave. Payment in lieu of annual leave cannot be made. During your maternity leave, bank holidays and closure days that fall on days you would have worked, will be marked as 'not taken' in Trent and will not be deducted from your holiday entitlement. You will be able to book them as leave on your return.

MATB1 form

You will need to provide your Human Resources Business Partner with a MATB1, which your GP/midwife will give to you after the 21st week of your pregnancy. Within 28 days of receiving the MATFORM and MATB1, your HR Business Partner will write to you to confirm the details of your maternity leave, including the date when your maternity leave will start and end.

What if I change my mind about the start date of my maternity leave?

If you change your mind about the start date of your maternity leave, you must give 28 days' notice, in writing, to your Human Resources Business Partner.