Sustainable travel to campus

A part of parking income will be used to support the University’s Sustainable Travel Plan. Please also see the Sustainability pages for alternatives to bringing a car on to campus.

Car parking for students

The information on this page relates to student parking at Streatham Campus.

There is no student car parking facility at St Luke’s.

For students at the Cornwall campuses please see the Falmouth Exeter Plus Travel and Transport page for information about car parking, permit application and other methods of travel at the Penryn Campus. Our Maps and Directions section includes a Truro Campus directions page with car parking information and other methods of travel at the Truro Campus.

Advice is available from the Main Reception on 01392 72 5678.

Also see: Full parking regulations

Undergraduate and taught postgraduate students

Students residing in Halls/flats or those residing within the city boundary (post codes EX1, EX2 & EX4) are NOT eligible to apply for a permit. 

Students who's term time address is outside the city boundary are eligible to apply.

If you are entitled to bring your car to the campus, as an alternative to an annual permit you may be issued with an ‘authority to park’ badge free of charge.  This entitles you to park your car on the campus provided that you purchase a daily ‘pay and display’ ticket at a reduced staff rate, currently £1 a day.

Research postgraduate students 

Research postgraduate students are entitled to a staff parking permit/badge. Please contact the Car Parking Office on  01392 72 5678 for further details.

Please bring completed student car parking application ‌to the Car Parking Office, Main Reception, Stocker Road  (not the IT Helpdesk) together with your student ID card, proof of term time address (such as a bank statement or utility bill*) and payment, (cheque or card – not cash).

Please note that your signed declaration on the form confirms that you have read and accept the University of Exeter Parking Regulations.

*please note that we cannot accept a driving licence as proof of address

Payment is accepted by either Cheque or Credit/Debit card. Please note cash is not accepted.


If you wish to pay by cheque please make it payable to UNIVERSITY OF EXETER and include your cheque card number on the back of the cheque. Please take your completed application form and relevant paperwork and payment to the Car Parking Office, Main Reception, Stocker Road.

Credit/Debit card

If you wish to pay by credit/debit card please pay at the Car Parking Office, Main Reception, Stocker Road.

Rates of payment

If you apply for a permit during the academic year the annual rate will be reduced on a pro rata basis, as indicated in the following table. All values are in £'s.

Annual rate £86.61
November £79.39
December £72.18
January £64.95
February £57.75
March £50.52
April £43.31
May £36.09
June £28.87
July £21.65
August £14.44
September £7.21

The pro rata rate will not apply if you are renewing your permit.

Blue badge holders should attach a copy of their certificate with the completed application and no fee will be payable.

Streatham Campus

Car park locations are marked on the Streatham Campus Car Park map.

St Luke’s Campus

Car park locations are marked on the St Luke’s Campus map.

Penryn Campus

Car park locations are marked on the Penryn Campus map.

Accessible parking

There are accessible parking spaces located right across the Streatham Campus. Please do not park in these areas if you are not authorised to do so.

Amory – 3 spaces
Birks Grange – 6 spaces
Byrne House – 1 space
Chapel – 1 space
Cornwall House – 1 space
Disability Resource Centre – 1 space
Harrison – 2 spaces
Holland Hall – 2 spaces
Hope Hall – 2 spaces
Innovation Centre 1 – 2 spaces
Innovation Centre 2 – 2 spaces
Laver – 2 spaces
Main library – 2 spaces
Northcote House – 2 spaces
Northcott Theatre (Queen’s Drive) – 3 spaces
Old Library – 2 spaces
Pennsylvania Court – 3 spaces
Peter Chalk Centre – 2 spaces
Physics – 2 spaces
Postgraduate Centre – 3 spaces
Queens Building (Queens Drive) – 2 spaces
Rowe House – 2 spaces
Sports Hall – 5 spaces
Streatham Court – 4 spaces
Washington-Singer – 2 spaces

  • Only one annual parking permit can be issued to each student.
  • Those annual permit holders who have access to a second car may also have a free ‘authority to park’ badge.
  • An ‘authority to park’ badge is available, free of charge, to students who do not hold an annual permit. If students require a second badge this can be supplied free of charge.
  • ‘Authority to park’ badges entitle holders to purchase the special reduced- daily rate of a £1 ‘pay and display’ parking tickets.  Both the ‘authority to park’ badge and the valid ‘pay and display’ ticket must be clearly visible to parking attendant staff whilst the vehicle is on the campus.
  • Annual permits/’authority to park’ badges are issued to specific vehicles and contain the registration number.  Please notify and return the old permit to the Main Reception, Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4PYif you change your car and a new permit/badge will be issued in exchange for your old one, free of charge.
  • Permits/’authority to park’ badges are issued for a year running from October to September, opening hours 1000-1600,  Monday-Friday
  • Refunds are available for the students who return their permits prior to expiry to the Car Parking Office, Main Reception, Stocker Road together with the Account Name, Sort Code and Account number if paid by cheque or the credit/debit card used for payment so a refund can be arranged.
  • For further advice please email or phone extension 5678 (prefix with 01392 72 from external phones).
  • The Student Parking Regulations will apply to Postgraduate students on taught Masters courses.
  • Research Postgraduate students may be entitled to a staff parking permit.
  • Student may park in all University car parks/bays with the exception of accessible bays.
  • Please note that any parking infringement may result in either a fine, or withdrawal of the right to hold a parking permit/‘Authority to Park’ badge. NB This applies to staff and students alike.
  • It should be understood that there will be occasions when all car parks are full and some permit/badge holders may not be able to find a parking space on the campus.

Important Notice Regarding Prince of Wales Road and Streatham Drive

  • The above road locations are not owned by the University of Exeter and operate under the jurisdiction of the Exeter City Council authorities.

    Students should be aware, therefore that the Pay & Display tickets obtained from the machines erected in those two roads are not valid for use on the campus. Equally the Pay & Display tickets purchased from the machines erected on the Streatham Campus are only valid for use on the campus area and should not be displayed on vehicles parked in the Prince of Wales Road and Streatham Drive.