Illegal Drugs: University Statement and Policy

The University Policy on Drugs and Alcohol summarises the overall University position:

‘The University expects a standard of conduct from its students and employees that provides a safe and healthy environment for themselves and others and prohibits the possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs or unlawful supply of alcohol on its property or as part of any of its activities’.

The University has a pastoral responsibility and a general duty of care to students, and also a responsibility to respond appropriately to any criminal activity involving the use or supply of illegal drugs.  As such, the University will endeavour to provide information and advice to students aimed at minimising the risk of harm, and will also consider disciplinary action and/or referral to the police in cases where a criminal offence may have occurred.

Where possible and appropriate we will focus on minimising potential harm to the individual, by providing reliable sources of information, and signposting to available advice or support.  This support may be offered by University or Students’ Guild Services, or by external specialist agencies.

Please note the University is currently in the process of reviewing the policy and procedures in relation to students and drugs.

University Disciplinary Procedure

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