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Your performance at Exeter will be assessed in a variety of different ways, to equip you with the necessary skills for the workplace or further study.  Each module has a set of 'Intended Learning Outcomes' which specify what you should know and be able to do by the end of the module, and assessments are designed to demonstrate these.

The main system used for submission of assessments is BART.  Please see the instructional documents below for information on how to submit.

*Please note that students taking a Degree Apprenticeship, MBA, or CEDAR programme will need to check with their department for submission instructions.


BART allows students to make multiple submissions to an upload link as the deadline for an assessment approaches. This functionality is not changing and students will continue to be permitted to change their submission upload without incurring any penalty up until the deadline. During the final week in July 2021 we will be introducing a new function in the BART system which enables the first two of these draft submissions to be automatically uploaded to TurnItIn and this will generate a report which you will be able to access and use as a learning tool for improvement.

Please note, some colleges do not allow this function so it may be unavailable for your programme/module.  It is not available for any exams.


IMPORTANT: Reducing your TurnItIn score to 0% (zero) should not be your objective.

Low similarity scores can be as indicative of academic misconduct or poor academic practice as high scores. As long as your work has been properly referenced then it is not a disadvantage to have it flagged in the report. Whilst TurnItIn reports may be used to highlight poor practice and potential issues of academic misconduct, the TurnItIn software cannot interpret those similarities for us, therefore all scripts are checked by an academic who will decide whether there is anything to be concerned about.

Once feedback has been released from eBART, you will get an e-mail with the feedback attached.  This could be one or more of the following:

  • Feedback sheet with mark
  • Annotated script
  • Supplementary attachments (answer sheets or further feedback)

To read these documents in full, open with Adobe Reader.  If you open them in your browser then 'speech bubble' comments may not be visible.


You can also view your feedback by logging into eBART.

When you're logged in you will see a list of all your deadlines and submissions.  

The anonymised sections will contain your student ID and/or candidate number.

Where feedback has been released, you will see your mark, and any supplementary attachments as above.  It is advised to download these to your computer so you can open them in Adobe Reader.  If you open them in the browser then 'speech bubble' comments and other annotations may not show properly.