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Attendance and Engagement

Students registered on University of Exeter programmes are required to:

• be in attendance* during academic terms and present at all scheduled learning and teaching activities required by the module and/or programme

• engage with and participate in all guided independent and group study, assessment and feedback, and any other activities required by the module and/or programme

• attend exams, submit work when required, and otherwise fulfil the academic requirements of their modules and programme.

 *Attendance encompasses the activity of being present at scheduled learning, teaching and other activities required by the module and/or programme whether this is physical or virtual attendance as defined by your programme teaching methods.

Digital Check-in for Student Visa Holders

All Student visa holder should check-in through My Day in the MyExeter app.

Please be aware that if you study in the Medical School on a Nursing or BMBS programme, you must complete digital check-in using a One Time Code (OTC) instead. This is available as a tile on MyExeter.

If you are absent from a session, please report this in My Day (or the iExeter app if you are on a Nursing or BMBS programme).

For more information about why Student visa holders are required to complete this process, visit the Student Immigration Services webpages.

For more information about how to check-in or if you have technical issues, please visit The Digital Hub

Attendance Expectations:

Academic engagement levels are recorded to ensure that any student welfare concerns are picked up, Student visa holders meet their visa obligations and students are progressing academically.

Evidence of student engagement with their degree is captured through assessment submissions, ELE2 usage and attendance at teaching sessions and exams.

How to Report an Absence:

If you are unable to attend a scheduled teaching session, it’s important to report your absence promptly. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Report Online: Simply follow or use the iExeter Teaching & Learning Tile on your iExeter app or by logging into Follow the prompts and select the teaching session/s you are going to miss. 

2. Provide Details: When reporting your absence, please include as much information as possible about the reason. This helps us make a timely and fair decision regarding your request.

3. Review Process: Your absence request will be sent to your Hub Info Point team. The team will review your request and determine whether it can be approved or not based on the information provided.

4. Please Note: This can only be used to report an absence for a scheduled teaching session. If you are going to miss an assessment you will need to review our mitigation process. Our Mitigation process is here to support you through unexpected situations that affect your ability to complete an assessment or exam - such as illness or a family crisis. Further information on mitigation can be found on our mitigation pages